Samsung 45W 20000mAh and 25W wireless 10000mAh power banks launched in India

Samsung has just launched two new power banks in India. The Wireless Power Bank 10000 boasts a battery capacity of 10,000mAh, while its counterpart, the Power Bank 20000, doubles that with a capacity of 20,000mAh.

Samsung Wireless Power Bank 10000 mAh

For the 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank, Samsung equipped it with two USB Type-C ports, supporting a maximum power output of 25W. It’s lightweight, weighing about 222g, and supports USB PD and PPS charging protocols.

Additionally, it features a Qi wireless charging pad capable of delivering up to 7.5W of wireless charging. You can charge three devices wirelessly, but the power output will be reduced to 7.5W for each device.

The power bank also supports rapid charging for up to two devices simultaneously at 25W, and it comes with a USB Type-C to USB Type-C charging cable (20cm).

The design prioritizes environmental sustainability, utilizing UL-certified recycled materials to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Quick specifications: Wireless Power Bank 10000 mAh

Samsung Power Bank 20000 mAh

Moving to the 20,000mAh Power Bank, it boasts three USB Type-C ports, all supporting USB PD 3.0 PPS charging protocols. When charging three devices simultaneously, it can provide 15W of power each.

However, when charging a single device, it can deliver up to 45W of power. It features four LEDs for charging status and charges itself at 45W.

Unlike its smaller counterpart, it lacks Qi wireless charging and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable (30cm). Weighing approximately 402g, it also emphasizes environmental responsibility through the use of recycled materials.

Quick specifications: Power Bank 20000 mAh

Pricing and availability

Both power banks are available in Beige and are priced as follows:

  • Wireless Power Bank 10,000mAh: Rs. 3,499
  • Power Bank 20,000mAh: Rs. 4,299

You can purchase these power banks from, Samsung Store, and other authorized retailers across India.