Nokia C6 with Clear Black Display announced

Nokia has announced a new variant of the C6 with an 8MP camera and Clear Black Display. Looks like a cheaper version of the N8.

This is the C6-01 which is a slightly modified variant of the original C6.more pics after the jump

Here is the C6-01 with the 3.2 inch display

Here is the 4-inch Display on the E7 with a CBD AMOLED

Here is the sexy C7 with the same awesome AMOLED display (No clear black love here)  3.5 inches

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Satya

    This looks cool. Expecting more images:)

  • aryan

    i am on fone arena continuous 2.23 hrs plz show something new
    any unseen device

  • NeNoRmAl

    I think you are mistaken.

    C6-01 is 3.2 inches and it is CBD

    C7 is 3.5 inches and it’s not CBD


    • Thanks.

      Checked around. you are rite ! Dont know why the C7 didn’t get CBD

      • NeNoRmAl

        C7 I can take, but N8 also…=\