Nokia World 2010 – Video: Nokia Plug and Touch

Hi Guys, i’m back home from Nokia World and got immediately struck down by a heavy cold. as is half of Nokia World. To whoever did this to us, step forward to receive your deserved punishment! 😀

Anyways, i’m trying to slowly bring in all the Content from Nokia World, and i wanna start off with the coolest Thing by a long shot. Have you Guys seen Iron Man 2 and Tony Starks awesome Computer? Well, Nokia is currently working on something just as nice. What they did is plug in the Nokia N8 to a flat screen, with the camera pointing to the picture on the TV. The N8 Camera basically then reacts on everything thats happening on the big Screen with Gestures. For now this is only scroll and click, but possibilities are endless. As you can hear in the Video, this could be used on any TV, with any Type of Nokia Phone.

There is no word yet when we can expect this here in real life, but I WANT!! 🙂 Enjoy this little Video guys

What do you think?

Author: Michael Hell

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