Nokia E7 Official Photos

Here are all the official photos of the Nokia E7 which is the first touchscreen E-series phone from Nokia. Nokia is also calling it a Communicator  !

The E7 in Blue

E7 in Black

E7 in Green
E7 in Orange

Which Color of the E7 do you like ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • vineet

    if it has a processor better than n8’s processor than i’m definitely gonna buy it.

  • Satya

    Yeaahhhh, This one looks cool and gives a feeling of N-8.

    Really impressed with this one after N-8. 🙂

  • aryan

    this will be as gud as n900

  • apaul

    this is great, except for the ridiculously low no of pixels..4inches and 360×640 pixels??!!

    • Yes .. esp when devices like iphone 4 can pack 960×640 in 3.5 inches

      • apaul

        well kind of…even if u leave the iphone out of the equation, the general WVGA screen comes with either 480×800 or 480×854…Symbian seems to have a weird stereotype of running in nHD resolution..

  • karthik

    whats the processor speed? and other hardware specs…


    what is the specification of E7???????????

  • sag


  • bhaskar

    its not like other communicators i.e. like e90 or 9300

  • bhaskar

    its qwerty keypad are also not same as communicators.

    so its wrong to say the device is communicator or like it



    • wt ever fetchers in e72 & 97 more than that u can in nokia priority dealers

  • renhua

    can not wait to get one