Nokia shipped 4 million units of N8 ?

There is an unconfirmed report that Nokia has managed to ship close to 4 million units of the N8 smartphone since launch according to Finnish research firm Inderes. They are estimating the shipments at 3.5 – 4 mn units Continue reading “Nokia shipped 4 million units of N8 ?”

Nokia C6-01 Starts Shipping Today

Nokia seems to be fixing it’s time-to-market problem pretty well recently. The C7 started shipping in record time recently and now the C6-01 which was announced at Nokia World is also shipping worldwide. Nokia said in it’s official blog today “The boxes have been filled, the vans loaded and the factory gates opened,Soon they will be with retailers and operators near you” Continue reading “Nokia C6-01 Starts Shipping Today”

Tons of Nokia E7 Pics Leaked

The same guys who shared the video of the so called Nokia N9 have posted some cool pics of the device. This might be the E7 as it looks very similar to the E90 ! The hardware is marked as RM-626 and C0 and is a Nokia Protoype and not a final device. This is very old proto according to Eldar and final hardware might look different. How do you like the device if it was meant to be real ? It looks like a N8 with a 4-row QWERTY keypad.

UPDATE : E7 is official and here are authentic images

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Is this the Nokia E7 or N98 ?

A new Nokia device has been leaked ant it looks like a E90 Successor and seems also like a N series member on the exterior.  The guys who got of the Proto seem to think it’s the N9 and calling it the N900 successor but they don’t seem to know the difference between Symbian and Maemo / Meego . This device is pretty much running on some version of Symbian . By now we are pretty much sure that the N9 would be a Meego Device and would be the first handheld from Intel-Nokia marriage of Moblin and Maemo.  Interestingly the model number on this  leaked phone says its the N00 while the front says its C0

UPDATE: its the E7 and price is under 500 euros Continue reading “Is this the Nokia E7 or N98 ?”

Nokia N8 Questions and Answers

We are part of the first official Question and Answer session around the Nokia N8 Q&A. We have been covering the N8 ever since it leaked. Since the Nokia N8 has got a 12 MP best of the class Camera sensor. Some may see it as Camera with a SIM card slot.

There have been a lot of questions from users about N8 . Is the battery non-removable ? When will it start shipping ? What makes the Camera special ?

Looking at the Camera samples , the N8 looks like a Camera with a SIM card slot.

Folks from Nokia were bombarded with questions about the N8 by a group of bloggers CJ , Rafe , Micky , Farhan and our very own Varun

Dive in to find out

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Nokia N8-00 Specs Leaked on Official site

The specs of the soon to be released Nokia N8-00 have been spotted on the website in the form of a UAProfile.  This might be the first Symbian ^ 3 phone from the handset maker as the xml file mentions Symbian 3 and also Symbian 5.2. The display is 360×640 pixels and the phone is powered by an ARM processor Continue reading “Nokia N8-00 Specs Leaked on Official site”

Symbian^4 and Symbian^3 Screenshots Leaked!

We reported to you that the Nokia N8 was going to be announced. It is almost certain now about it’s launch and it should be released as the Nokia N87. It will most probably be running Symbian^3, so these screenshots are sneak peeks.

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