Nokia goes Green at CES 2008

As we all know that the CES 2008 was held recently. Mobile handset players like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc showcased their upcoming and concept handsets. Nokia, may be in order to win the Greenpeace award for 2008 (went to Sony Ericsson in 2007), showcased another eco-sensor concept phone, which monitors the environment as well as the vital stats of the person who is using it. Nokia showcased its eco-sensor phones at the CES 2008 and has confirmed that the company would make these phones commercially available. Continue reading “Nokia goes Green at CES 2008”

Official US Debut – Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia itself has confirmed that the company is offering the US version of the multimedia monster, Nokia N95 8GB.The N95 has 8GB of internal memory, WLAN, 3D N-Gage gaming platform, 5 mega-pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and HSDPA support.

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YouTube Optimized N95 8Gb


Recently after narrating my thoughts about someone coming out with a YouTube and Ebay optimized mobile handset, I came across the post, which talked about LG Viewty being launched in India. The one thing I like about it was, Viewty allows you to record videos optimized for YouTube. Continue reading “YouTube Optimized N95 8Gb”

Nokia Ovi coming to India

With mobile VAS gaining pace in India, Nokia doesn’t want to be left behind. Nokia is launching its OVI services as a part of its initiative to come up with value added services for the Indian mobile phone users. Nokia will be focusing on the three main things, which are a hit with all Indians, Bollywood, Cricket and Astrology. Continue reading “Nokia Ovi coming to India”

Nokia N95 8GB gets v15 firmware

All About Symbian is reporting that theres a major upgrade to the Nokia N95 8GB firmware available for download. You can see the screenshot below which shows the possibility to upgrade from version 11 to version 15.

Nokia n95 8gb v15 firmware

Highlights of the new firmware v15.

Faster Search

Increase in access speed of the internal 8GB memory.

Support for 3rd party themes

Flash Lite 3 and Flash Video suppor t. This is the most interesting feature addition to the phone.

Adobe launched FlashLite 3 with Video  some time back in October last year.

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Nokia Siemens Networks bags multi-million Euro IVR deal from Bharti Airtel

If your on Airtel Network , You can expect a lot of Voice Based services from Bharti Airtel in the coming years

Nokia Siemens has just bagged a multi-million euro deal from Bharti Airtel for deployment of a single Interactive Voice Response (IVR) . Bharti Airtel awarded this pan India contract to Nokia Siemens Networks for deployment of a single Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform across all 23 circles. The three year turnkey and multi-million Euro contract includes designing, planning, systems integration and optimization services to enhance overall customer experience. The new IVR solution will enable Airtel to deliver Services such as Voice SMS, Televoting, Call Management Services (Reach-me service / Missed Call Advisor), Caller Ring back Tone (CRBT) and Voice Portal among others on a faster time-to-market basis, reduce OPEX costs due to optimized network utilization, and increase security by creation of a layered architecture towards Interactive Voice applications.

Nokia Siemens Networks will deploy and integrate the latest state-of-the-art platforms to provide a multi-technology, multi-vendor integrated solution that includes systems integration services. The platforms are HP OCMP (Open Call Management Platform), Video Gateway, Televoting Application and ASR/TTS (Automatic Speech Recognition / Text-to-Speech Engine. The solution will be ready for commercial operation by April 2008 and is expected to scale up to one billion minutes of usage per month in three years for Bharti Airtel. Continue reading “Nokia Siemens Networks bags multi-million Euro IVR deal from Bharti Airtel”

Waterproof Coating of Soldiers now for Gadgets

Sony Ericsson filed a patent for a casing, which is waterproof and will help camera photographers to use their cameras to click photos underwater. But just imagine your beautifully designed cell phone getting a bulky look once its goes inside this casing.
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Nokia betting big on E Series devices

I have never seen Nokia marketing the E-Series range of devices in India. But now, Nokia is Marketing E Series in Indian newspapers , TV Channels , Websites like never before. Though N Series is the major winner for Nokia in India , we can see that they also want to capture the professional / enterprise phone user.

May be India is just a part of the Nokia’s Asia Pacific market as the website which is promoting these devices is

The E series starts from the E50 priced at Rs.8000 to the E90 Communicator priced at Rs.35000

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Nokia Audiobooks Application

audiobooks_mainview_volume.jpgThis is a good news for all you book worms out their with Nokia phones.Nokia beta-labs has come up with the Nokia Audiobooks application. I hope what do you mean by Audiobooks, you can listen them i.e. somebody will read it for you so that you just relax and listen to that Audiobook. Nokia Audiobooks application will allow you to listen to your favorite Audiobooks while you are on the move. This application includes a highly efficient audio compression technology optimized for voice (AMR-WB), a player application for S60 (Nokia Audiobook Player), and an audio converter tool for PC (Nokia Audiobook Manager). This application is made for Audiobooks; it will help you in listening them with clarity and also browse chapters. Cool. Continue reading “Nokia Audiobooks Application”

Gold Nokia 8800 Arte coming in 2008

Nokia showed the Art of Seduction by launching the Nokia 8800 Arte and Sapphire. These premium handsets are aimed at the elite and style conscious consumers. 24ct_Nokia_8800_arte_with_logo.jpg

The 8800 Arte series has brought 3G functionality to Nokia’s highly accepted 8800 series of premium phones. By the way this post is not bout the Arte series, Continue reading “Gold Nokia 8800 Arte coming in 2008”

Nokia teams up with Tommy Hilfiger

Remember LG teaming up with PRADA guys to come up with a high-end designer phone and Sony Ericsson following that trend and teaming up with the Italian fashion house Diesel; Motorola and Samsung also went ahead and launched fashion/designer phones by teaming up with big fashion houses of the world like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Levis Strauss. Continue reading “Nokia teams up with Tommy Hilfiger”