Is your Nokia N97 running on the latest firmware ?

nokia n97 v2.0

There are a lot of myths surrounding firmware updates. Most users don’t realize the importance of such updates. Sadly , many of them don’t even know that some phones get new software even after you purchase it.  It’s only the Geeks who are first in the line when it comes to getting updates be it a phone , PC or laptop.  Here are some videos which showcase the importance of firmware updates and talks about the Nokia N97 in particular

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Nokia E71 version 400.21.013 Firmware Update is up for grabs


Nokia E71 users can grab a new Firmware update for your device using Nokia Software Updater or NSU. The version 400.21.013 Firmware Update has been released today

E71 lacks both UDP ( User Data Preservation ) and OTA ( Over The Air ) updates . So make sure you backup your phone contents via PC suite

The update is 107 MB in size and it will take around 15 mins to flash your phone.

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Nokia N97 gets new firmware update – v12.0.024

nokia-n97-v12-firmwareGood news for all Nokia N97 users. Nokia has just released a software / firmware update for the n97 numbered 12.0.024. The update is expected to boost the performance of the device along with some new features but no change log is out as of now.

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Nokia E75 gets a Firmware update, V110.48.125 Now

Nokia today released a firmware update to its latest QWERTY E-Series handset the E75. The current firmware for the device stands at V110.48.125 up from v100.48.78. The firmware update is available via the Nokia Software updater and also Over The Air(OTA). The OTA update is around 5 mb and would be a breeze if you are using wi-fi or 3G but it might take some time on EDGE connection. The device supports UDP(User Data Preservation) so none of your contacts messages etc will be deleted but we still advice you to make a backup of the device before updating

Here are some screenshots of the device while going through the OTA update

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Nokia Software Updater Gets Updated to V1.6.11

The Nokia Software Updater today got updated to V1.6.11, though any changelog is officially not yet out but there were no changes to the UI to suggest a major update.

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Nokia N78 gets Firmware Update to

The Nokia N78 has got a new firmware  update v20.149.051.1. It sure does make the phone more stable and has still few missing items that we always wished the phone had. has posted the complete firware change log. Given below for your viewing.

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