Nokia E52 already in India – spotted on Airtel

The Nokia E52 is a great upgrade to E51 users . The E51 was a huge hit as it was a fully loaded phone. This phone might launch in India soon. The phone is running on the Airtel Network and it was reportedly purchased at Hyderabad


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It’s Raining updates from Nokia and we have all of them covered..

Nokia has been rolling out a lot of Firmware updates and application updates from the last two days and here you can find a gist of all the major updates from Nokia in the last two days

Firmware Updates

In the spate of just two days Nokia has released firmware updates for two of its N-Series offerings and three of the E-Series devices.

Device Name

New Firmware Version











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Nokia E52 Eseries Phone announced

Nokia today launched the E52 the much awaited successor the the E51

here is how the latest entrant to the eseries clan looks , say hello to the Nokia E52

Whats coolest about the phone is that it gives you 8 hrs of talk time in such a slim form factor.

Theres are got 23 days of stand by time.

its also got Nokia messaging integrated like the E75 and E55

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Nokia E75 gets Leaked in Pictures looks Great

Nokia E75 might be the latest QWERTY Touchscreen phone from Nokia

The pictures were leaked today by DailyMobile

The phone has the metal / steel back cover like the E71 with a 2.4 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, QWERTY Keyboard, Dual keypads, HDSPA,  and WiFi

more pictures after the jump

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Nokia E51 No Camera Live Pictures

We have been hearing a lot of questions from users after Nokia announced the Camera free variant of the immensely popular E51 . The phone without camera has exactly the same specs apart from the cam sensor which is replaced by a plastic cover …

We managed to get our hands on this phone and its a great phone for Professionals who can’t carry Cameraphones

E51 is a powerful smartphone running Symbian and its got plenty of connectivity options and a great battery life .. it also looks stylish and fits easily into the pocket ..

catch a glimpse of the shiny device below .

The box bears these words “Now without Camera for security sensitive professionals ”

Box back cover

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Nokia E71 Review

E71 is the latest fashion statement from Nokia

Its only 10mm thick and is rich in features. We will run through all the important features in this ESeries device

I admit that being a die hard Nokia fan. I just loved to get my hands on the device . Its such a sexy phone.

I would say its the sexiest and most beautiful phone Nokia has ever made .

Form factor , Display and styling

The phone looks damn small compared to the E61i and the metallic body makes this phone feel special and classy.

display has undergone reduction in size only 2.36 inches but it packs a 320X240 resolution and is clear and easy on the eyes

the phone comes with a 2GB microSD card and its hot swappable – port is present on the left.

volume keys are present on the right.


Its a Quadband GSM phone with support for 3G and HSDPA

Infrared , Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP , WIreless LAN a/b/g or WI-fi , A-GPS and 3G support . It’s also got support for HSDPA

There is a also a data cable which comes with the phone and port is below the memory card slot on the left.


Call handling was fine , no issues .


The keypad has improved a lot over the E61i and E62 . As a matter of fact , I traded in my E61i to get this E71 and i am not regretting it

The click and feel of the new keys is great and gives you a good experience overall

There is also support for Predictive Text Input although most QWERTY phones drop this feature.

Frequent Texters / SMS freaks will love this phone for sure.

Theres is the normal D pad which has good response.

there are dedicated keys for home,calendar on the left and for phonebook and messaging on the right

keys are pretty close to each other and occasionally you might press the wrong key.

User modes

This phone has interesting new way of separating your work and personal life

Theres something called Switching modes and you can basically have 2 home screens for the phone.

You can have you personal mail accounts show up in one screen and have you corporate email show up on another.

Its a bold attempt to solve information overload.

Messaging and Email

Emailing has not got better in any Nokia phone. I added my gmail account and I did not have to enter any server information.

I just entered my email and password and chose my Wi-fi connection and it started .

I was up and running in under 30 seconds. Thats pretty good

SMS got a lot better and you can do a lot of stuff with the improved notifications system.

Mobile web browsing

Mobile browsing has got a bit better but not as cool as the iphone. I admit i have been bitten by the iphone bug

But one killer feature all of you would love . you can watch youtube videos within the browser it self .

you can actually watch streaming vidoes within the browser only which is a great improvment.

Nokia might beat the iphone hands down in this league if it improves this feature a bit.

Software , Applications , Performance and Memory

This phone runs Symbian Os 9.2 with S60 Feature Pack 1. There is some software which comes preloaded on the phone – Quickoffice(Quickword, Quickpoint, Quicksheet), Adobe PDF Reader, Active Notes

We installed Google maps , gmail app and youtube app.

It seemed to run much faster than E61i which was damn sluggish.

Theres about 110MB of phone memory and it ships with a 2 GB card, so you might not have to buy one immediately . It supports upto 8GB of memory expansion.

This e series phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and zoom. this is good enough considering the fact that this is not a multimedia phone but a business phone.

[Sample image taken with phone]

VGA video recording (320x240px) similar to VCD quality is possible and fine for capturing great moments. Camera does not have shutter. There is a mirror on the right so that you can look into the phone while clicking your photo. There is a camera on the front but is meant for video calling.



There is a single speaker on the top left of the screen . Its louder than the E61i and is not bad at all for music playback. Its not perfect. Music gets a bit choppy with bass.

music playback is time upto 18 hours but sadly no 3.5mm port only a 2.5mm

There’s FM Radio too


You can capture upto 1hr of video . Theres Real Player and it supports Flash Lite 3, mp4, .3gp; H.263, MPEG-4 VSP,RealVideo,H.264

Battery life is great ! 10 hours of GSM/2G talk time is as good as it gets . A 1500 mAh battery is packed at the back for device.


Considering the fact that the Nokia E71 is a business phone competing with the blackberry phones and other enterprise devices,

its a clear winner in most areas. Camera’s not the best but decent enough compared to E61i.

If you are looking for a phone for mainly calling , messaging and plenty of connectivity options and a fast OS plus phenomenal battery life this phone is a great buy for around Rs.20000.

This is a short review , please leave a comment if we have forgot to mention any feature.

We are still playing with the phone

Nokia E51 without Camera launched

Business users who have had to leave their mobile phones in the security terminals of office complexes due to security rules that disallows cameras at the work place can now buy the Nokia E51 without a camera.



The new handset has all the features of the E51 with Camera.

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Nokia E51 Review

Nokia E51 is a great upgrade to the old Nokia E50.Since a lot of readers are asking us about this phone we thought of writing a review about this latest entrant to the Nokia E Series . You might have seen my post on Nokia E Series in India

Simply put , Nokia wants to make its E Series devices as popular as the N Series ones

Nokia E51


Has got it all – Quadband , 3G, HSDPA – its a 3.5G phone infact. Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) , Bluetooth , USB are all present. Continue reading “Nokia E51 Review”

Nokia betting big on E Series devices

I have never seen Nokia marketing the E-Series range of devices in India. But now, Nokia is Marketing E Series in Indian newspapers , TV Channels , Websites like never before. Though N Series is the major winner for Nokia in India , we can see that they also want to capture the professional / enterprise phone user.

May be India is just a part of the Nokia’s Asia Pacific market as the website which is promoting these devices is

The E series starts from the E50 priced at Rs.8000 to the E90 Communicator priced at Rs.35000

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