iPod Touch 4G vs 3G – Hardware Tour, Size And Retina Display Comparison

It’s only one year ago when I got gifted my 8GB iPod Touch 3rd generation and started discovering and enjoying the world of iOS and that ever-growing AppStore with thousands of cool apps and games. I was hooked almost instantly and used it extensively for a while, then all of a sudden, it started gathering dust in my drawer for a couple of months, and I was back in my old Symbian routine, using a Nokia E72 and N97 Mini. That was until I decided to take the iPod Touch back again, jailbreak it because I felt I was missing an opportunity there, and with multitasking enabled, we became the “bestest” of friends and stayed that way ever since. Lately, I’ve even been using it more and more, relying on it for all my Music and Gaming needs, for my RSS feeds with Reeder, for all my medical apps needs, and a lot of other functions too. Needless to say, those 8GB filled up pretty fast and I was battling the free MBs at least once or twice a week.

That was until the new generation of iPod Touch was announced, and the 32GB one was presented at a relatively affordable price, with all the novelties inside. I couldn’t help but cave in. And I’m pretty excited to say that I’ve been a happy happy camper ever since.

Click on all images to display the full resolution 12MP detailed photo.

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Gallery: Nokia C3 Vs Nokia E71 Vs Nokia E72

Here are some comparison pictures of the Nokia C3 with Nokia’s best QWERTYs like Nokia E71 and Nokia E72. C3 is the first entry level full QWERTY phone from Nokia and it runs on S40 OS while the E71 and E72 run on Symbian

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QWERTY Battle: E5, E71, E72 Extensive Table & Pictures Comparison

The Nokia E71 was (and still is, in many person’s opinions) the king of candybar QWERTYs from Nokia & Symbian. But the E71 is now 2 years old and has been replaced by a new iteration, the Nokia E72, and surprisingly another design, the E5. From the looks of it, the E5 is to the E72 what the E63 was to the E71 (no, this isn’t an IQ test question), a cheaper version that compromises on some aspects while still trying to retain the charming points of the original.

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Nokia E5 Hardware Tour Gallery

We recently got our hands on the Nokia E5, Nokia’s latest Eseries device after the E72. The E5 came alone in an envelope, so we couldn’t really unbox it, but we’ve taken it for a spin to show it to you from all angles.

The E5 bares a lot of resemblance, hardware-wise and specs-wise with the Nokia E72. It’s a candybar qwerty, and anyone who has used an E71 or E72 will find himself at home with the qwerty keyboard. It’s the same texture as both of its predecessors, with the same rounded keys, and a nice feedback to them. On top of it is a 2.4″ screen, 256k colors, with a light sensor and the ear piece.

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Sony Ericsson Aspen Exclusive Photo Gallery

Just before MWC 2010 started on Monday , Sony Ericsson had a press conference at Opium Mar in Barcelona and we brought you some live pictures from the event. One of the handsets which was interesting for the newly announced Sony Ericsson Aspen which is a Touchscreen QWERTY running on Windows Mobile 6.5.3

After the explosive rise of touchscreen phones in the market , We are so used to touch that sometimes we even tap the screens on non-touch phones unintentionally. Looks like Sony Ericsson wants to capitalize on this and the the Aspen promises the best of the both the Touch and QWERTY worlds. It packs a 3.2 Megapixel Camera and a 3.5mm audio jack.

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Nokia E72 Initial Thoughts


Its been a few days with the E72 and we are really impressed with this phone. You must have seen the unboxing video and the Camera samples. We are working on a full blown review of the device and this is just a round up of our initial thoughts

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Nokia E71 version 400.21.013 Firmware Update is up for grabs


Nokia E71 users can grab a new Firmware update for your device using Nokia Software Updater or NSU. The version 400.21.013 Firmware Update has been released today

E71 lacks both UDP ( User Data Preservation ) and OTA ( Over The Air ) updates . So make sure you backup your phone contents via PC suite

The update is 107 MB in size and it will take around 15 mins to flash your phone.

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Nokia E72 The 5 Megapixel Camera

E72 camera lens

We know a lot of E71 users complained about the poor camera image quality.  Nokia has managed to cram in a 5 Megapixel Camera on the E72 and oh boy the phone takes some really good pictures compared to the really poor shots of its predecessor . We manged to put together some pictures to show the power of the new 5 MP Cam on the E72.

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Nokia E72 is finally in stores

Good news y’all ! Nokia E72 is finally in stores after some delays


Some users are also reporting that their pre-orders have been shipped in the UK and Europe

Press release

Espoo, Finland – The highly-anticipated Nokia E72, a device tailor-made for business and personal messaging is now available in stores. To coincide with the arrival of the Nokia E72, Nokia has also released research* revealing that more people rely on email than on traditional phone calls or text messaging when sending and responding to critical information. Continue reading “Nokia E72 is finally in stores”

Nokia E71 Price falls as the launch of its Successor is round the corner

The E71 is a great phone from Nokia and its been around for more than a year now and doing really well in terms of sales worldwide. for the users who complained about the price of the E71 . Nokia launched the E63 which packs a 3.5 mm port which even the E71 lacks. Now the price of Nokia E71 has fallen sharply over the last few weeks indicating that its successor the E72 is round the corner. The price is hovering at around Rs.16000 in India

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Video : Nokia E72 Optical Navikey

The E72 is a cool upgrade to the E71 and one of the most important features of the E72 is the Optical Navikey which makes scrolling a lot easier. What’s more cool is that you can use the Navikey to focus the camera. This short video was shot last week when we had a chance to interact with Product Manager of the phone Mika



How to copy paste from webpages in E71/E61i using Opera Mini 5

Yesterday we had told you about the copy paste feature of the new Opera Mini 5. However many of the people were facing difficulties doing the same, in mobile devices which had a QWERTY keypad eg E71, E61i etc. The difficulty arose because Opera Mini is a Java Application and hence the normal CTRL+C and CTRL+V does not work in Opera Mini 5.

Gerry Moth from Nokia Addict has now found out the correct way to copy paste from webpages on E71 and E61i.

How to Do Copy Paste:

You just have to press 1 or hold the OK d-pad key down for a while and then you will be able to select text/copy text or paste the text.

For more Opera Mini shortcut keys in E71, just head over to Nokia Addict’s Article.

Update: If inline editing is disabled, then the native phone UI in E71/E61i takes over and CTRL+C / CTRL+V will start working again. To disable Inline editing, just go to the “Settings -> Advanced ->Inline Editing” in Opera Mini 5.

Nokia E72 vs E71 in Pics

We had our hands on the Nokia E72 last week and you must have seen the photo gallery . Some good news now for E71 users , we managed to grab some pics of the E71 along with the E72 so that you can start saving for your upgrade right now and also kickstart the E72vsE71 death match in your brain !

the battle of the eseries clan


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Nokia E72 Initial Impression and Photo Gallery

The Nokia E72 is a great E-series handset from the Finnish handset maker and I’m sure that this phone will continue to create records like the E71. The phone was leaked longed back. The E71 is one of the most popular handsets in the market even today and the E72 addresses the drawbacks of this phone pretty much in every department. I had a chance to interact with the Product manager of this phone – Mika Savolainen @ Nokia World. After using the phone for a short duration, the E72 feels like a pumped up E71 for sure.

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