Unlimited Email and Instant Messaging plan for Rs.499 on Airtel BlackBerry

Airtel and Research In Motion (RIM) introduced a new service plan specifically for Airtel customers in India.

The BlackBerry® Personal Mail service plan is an innovative offering that provides Airtel customers with unlimited email and instant messaging (IM) on BlackBerry® smartphone for just Rs. 499 per month. It is the first service plan priced at less than Rs. 500 to offer unlimited email and IM to BlackBerry smartphone customers in the Indian market.

Unlimited BB Rentals as high as Rs.1500 . And this plan comes as a surprise.

Looks like users are using accessing email from their devices much more nowadays.

And interestingly RIM has started to sell Unlocked BBs in India. We will update you on tat as well

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Fastest business phone in the world Asus P565 to be withdrawn

When Asus released its P565 smartphone in November 2008, we at Fonearena had covered the launch. Read the coverage here.

The latest reports in from sources claim that the company has pulled the plug on this handset after entering into a partnership with Garmin (a Taiwanese company) from the beginning of last month onwards. Continue reading “Fastest business phone in the world Asus P565 to be withdrawn”

Samsung Valencia unveiled

The Samsung Valencia, a Windows Mobile powered handset was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently at the Microsoft counter and surprisingly not at the Samsung counter.

Specs & features:

393 MHz processor



320×240 QVGA display


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LG KF300 launched in India

Fonearena had covered the launch of the LG KF300 almost one year ago as it had hit global markets. Read the full coverage here.

The same handset has now been launched in the Indian market in the price band of Rs 8,500. The reason for the after-thought launch by LG is unknown.

While the specs of the handset, re-capsulated below remain the same, the only addition seems to be inclusion of the Mobile Tracker. Continue reading “LG KF300 launched in India”

Windows Mobile version 7 in 2010

Just as we are bracing ourselves to catch version 6.5 of Windows Mobile on handsets such as LG-GM730, HTC Touch Diamond 2 and HTC Touch Pro 2, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has recently confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will be available sometime next year.

Although no specific data has been set yet, it is certainly going to be quite an exciting OS to look forward to.

We look forward to the 6.5 version handsets that have stiff competition coming in from Palm’s Pre, TouchFlow, RIM and even LG’s new S-Class 3D UI this year! How exciting for a mobile enthusiast!

Nevertheless, since Windows Mobile has been around for a long enough time, its users do appreciate the various upgrades it’s been through. Continue reading “Windows Mobile version 7 in 2010”

Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.5 on three handsets

At the Mobile World Congress 2009, Microsoft unveiled “Windows phones” based on Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. In addition to the new user interface and a richer browsing experience, the Windows phones also feature two new services: My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

The new Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen keeps people up-to-date on important information by providing a dashboard-like experience to items such as new e-mails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments. It also includes an improved touch-screen interface, making it easy to take action with a finger.

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BSNL 3G SIM Cards to be issued in April 2009

I just went to the local BSNL Mobile Counter and enquired about the availability of 3G SIM Cards..

I was a bit sad to hear when the person at the counter told me that , they are expecting the cards by April 20th 2009.

That’s nearly 2 months away from now

We have see the service beeing demoed by the ministers .. when will the common man get it ?

Please bring out the service soon guys ..

Japan is already using 4G and thinking of improving it ..

Pick of the winners at MWC: Nokia E71, BlackBerry Storm 9500 SurePress Screen etc

Several awards were given away at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress. Nokia made it to several categories as a winner.

The GSMA CEO’s Award for Outstanding Environmental Contribution – Nokia

The GSMA’s inaugural Green Mobile Awards recognised an overall sensitivity to, and contribution, to environmental leadership with this the first GSMA CEO’s Award for Outstanding award for an Overall Environmental Contribution.  The award went to Nokia. “It is an honour to accept this on behalf of the thousands of Nokia people who have made sustainable, environmentally sensitive practices an integral part of our day to day business. With more than a billion people using Nokia phones globally, we feel we have a responsibility to make a difference.”  He added, “Even in these tough economic times, environmental sustainability is not just the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do and makes good business sense,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO of Nokia.  Continue reading “Pick of the winners at MWC: Nokia E71, BlackBerry Storm 9500 SurePress Screen etc”

Acer enters mobile arena with 4 new handsets

Acer, the third largest vendor in the PC market around the world, announced the launch of four Pocket PCs, falling into three groups, fulfilling consumer’s needs and views over the mobile market.

Acer targeted its new devices at various mobile Internet usage preferences and consumer attitudes, after surveying over 30,000 consumers. The new devices include M900, F900, X960 and DX900.

The new handsets the company announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are not the only ones that will come from Acer in 2009; more are expected to be unveiled later this year.

Group 1: Acer M900 and DX900 – Smartphones that communicate, inform and entertain

The first group would include trendy and demanding users who need their smartphones to offer a lot in communication, information and entertainment experience.

Acer M900

Aimed at the power user, this is a handset that has it all: great features and smart looks.

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Come August, say Hello to Mobile Number Portability

As all of you have already read, Chennai said hello to some serious technology development, though not commercially available as of yet. Yes Chennai witnessed the launch of 3 G services yesterday . But we covered it yesterday.There is another technology the government has been promising to launch for a long time.

Yes you got it right, it’s about MNP or mobile number portability. Continue reading “Come August, say Hello to Mobile Number Portability”

Two new economy LG Radio handsets GB106 GB110

Well, considering the rising popularity of the radio, it is only but expected that radio enabled handsets are gaining popularity in the country.

Keeping the target audience of students and the youth in mind, LG recently launched two new handsets GB106 and GB110 with Radio capability and a new feature: The “Intenna” FM radio do away with the need to attach a headset to turn on the music. Both handsets are capable of accessing all radio stations without connecting the wired headset to be used as an antenna since they come with an integrated FM antenna.

LG GB 106
LG GB 106

Anil Arora, Business Group Marketing Head, Mobile Communication, LG Electronics Pvt Ltd. said, “We are happy to launch LG GB110 and LG GB106 which offer a completely new experience to its users. These powerful but affordable mobile sets offer mobile music on the move. At LG, we lay emphasis on understanding the customer needs and work towards meeting their expectations through our new offerings. This launch is in line with our philosophy of providing the best to our customers. I am positive that with the key feature of Intenna FM, these handsets will catch on everyone’s attention and be well accepted.”

Specs and features:

1.5-inch colour display

Extensive phonebook memory

Stylish leatherite carry pouch

Black and Gray colours

While the LG GB106 also features an anti theft mobile tracker, the LG GB110 comes up with additional features like a VGA camera, a micro SD card slot (expandable up to 2 GB and 1GB card included) and MP3 full song play back.

LG GB 110
LG GB 110


LG GB110 is priced at Rs. 3,100 and the GB106 is priced at Rs. 2,100.

Business emailing on Nokia just got easier with email@mobile

Access to real-time business e-mail on the MS-Exchange just got easier for mobile professionals with an easy-to-use, groundbreaking patent pending software solution “email@mobile” from Adroit Claretdene Infotech.

Users can now use their ordinary Nokia phone with WAP 2.0 mobile browser to wirelessly access their corporate e-mail when away from the desk through email@mobile without any monthly subscription.

email@mobile is a simple, affordable and easy-to-use solution that enables users to access their business e-mails on any ordinary Nokia phones like 5310 express, 6300, 3110c etc. (S40 series) while providing security and ease of maintenance for the IT department. Users can read text/ Word, PDF attachments, reply or compose new email, delete or send email, set up address book, View image and add image attachments from any basic Nokia mobile handset. Continue reading “Business emailing on Nokia just got easier with email@mobile”

Nokia launches Nokia Magnifier Magnifying Glass

Well if you have a Nokia smart phone options are that you can well go ahead and dump your magnifying glasses as Nokia have launched a new application in the Nokia beta labs , called, Nokia Magnifier.

In short its a magnifying glass for your smartphone.

Nokia Magnifier application utilizes the existing camera functionality on your Nokia S60 phone. It can be used to improve readability in every-day life situations such as reading “fine print”. Anyone who has difficulty seeing “fine print” or small objects can benefit from using this application readily available on their S60 phone. Nokia Magnifier  has a built in stabilizer to reduce the effects of a shaky hand and negative filter enabling users  to switch from light to dark backgrounds improving readability. By using the existing camera technology, users can also snap a picture of the enhanced image for later reference.

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Philips Tapster

Philips Tapster

The name should reveal it all. Though Philips is not very prominent in the Indian Scenario, they are really very good in technology aspects. Philips is actually a technology leader when it comes to Audio and the Green technology. And they are also known for their exceedingly high capacity batteries and reliable low featured focussed phones. Coming to the post , as the name suggests yes and as the picture shows we are talking about Philips latest Bluetooth Headset. So what is peculiar, lot of them are being made from almost everyone including Nokia, Samsung, SE, Iqua, etc. So what is its speciality. Continue reading “Philips Tapster”