Why the smartron tbook is the ultimate entertainment powerhouse


One of the main reasons for people wanting a laptop or a tablet is for entertainment.  But each come with their own set of compromises. A tablet most often comes with a small screen which strains your eyes when watched for prolonged durations. Laptops on the other hand are usually too big and heavy to lug around. That is why the Smartron tbook makes perfect sense.

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2 in 1s vs Laptops: Which one should you get?

1 Laptops and 2-in-1s are not so different, especially when the latter is meant to act like a laptop when necessary, but this “when necessary” is the part that makes 2in1s subtly different and puts them in an evolutionary perspective. Both serve the same purpose – on the go computing, but how do they differ and which one should you go for? Let’s find out. Continue reading “2 in 1s vs Laptops: Which one should you get?”

Made for 2 in 1s: Windows 10 and Continuum


2-in-1s are tailor made for two different scenarios, work and play. For work, the keyboard stays put and for play, the keyboard gives way to the touch screen, but what makes the experience complete is a combination of a 2in1’s hardware and software, which, of course, is Windows. The latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system, Windows 10, adds a feature called “Continuum” which clearly, is made for 2in1s. So let’s go ahead see how it helps with the whole 2in1 experience.

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Why 2 in 1s are great for traveling professionals

Micromax Canvas LapTab_fonearena-03

In the age of multiple personal computing devices, packing for travel is always a big dilemma “Which device to take along with the smartphone?”. A tablet is the obvious first choice but then, most tablets aren’t good enough if you’re traveling for work, so most of the times, a chunky laptop ends up inside the bag along with a tablet. It not only is impractical, it makes the bag heavier too. There is of course, a solution and it’s called a 2-in-1. Let’s see why they are best suited for traveling professionals. Continue reading “Why 2 in 1s are great for traveling professionals”