Mobile Number Portability Delayed in India again not likely to meet March 31st Deadline

If you are waiting for Mobile Number Portability or MNP in India there is some bad news from the Union Minister of State for Communications & Information Technology, Shri Gurudas Kamat. MNP will not be available by the March 31st deadline . It was already delayed from December last year due to some operators crying foul . Now the Government is stating that all mobile networks in the country are not likely to be completely ready to offer MNP by this month end and the deadline is not likely to be met

Mobile number portability

We are sure that many operators fear loosing tons of customers once MNP is implemented. The Mobile Number has become part of our daily lives . It is much more than a number to us – it’s like an identity for many of us. And MNP which was like dream come true . It was going to offer us a chance to retain that identity and move to another operator  without fear of loosing touch with your loved ones or key business contacts. Now we have to just keep waiting indefinitely for the dream to become a reality !

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Soon, you will be able to listen 92.7 Big FM on Mobile!

BIG-FM Reliance’s BIG 92.7 FM has partnered with India’s largest telecom VAS provider – OnMobile Global Ltd. to roll its BIG FM for mobile users even without FM receiver on their mobile. It literally means, you can now listen to FM channels on the go without having to worry about carrying a FM enabled device or getting FM signals.

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Interview with Julien Fourgeaud of the Symbian Foundation

Julien Fourgeaud is a Roadmap Catalyst at the Symbian Foundation. FoneArena’s Varun got a chance to interview him where we ask Julien about Symbian – the most widely used smart phone platform in the world.

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Nokia E72 Review Part 1 – Hardware

Roughly a Week ago I was offered to trial a Nokia E72 by my good Friends of WOM World Nokia. Already having experienced the Awesomeness that was the Nokia E71, i was very eager to get my Hands its Successor. Filled in the Trial Form, sent it back to WOM World and here we go, the Adventure that is the E72 begins:

I received the Box on late Friday afternoon and went to work with it on Saturday Morning. After i first took the Device in my Hands i’ve decided to come up with a few Words to the Person who trialed the E72 before me: You’re in a very elite Group, Pal. You have the Privilege to get your Hands on one of Nokia’s latest Devices. The Handset came in a Condition that some of my 2 year old Phones not even look like. The Screen is scratched, some Corners look like they’re losing small Chips of Chrome the hard way. So in my Opinion the Device has been dropped and not at all been taken care of. If you don’t know how to treat a Test Device, you better leave them to People who do. Seriously, you don’t deserve it. Not cool.

nokia e72 face

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Opera Mini 5 beta finally comes to Android

Opera had previewed the Opera Mini 5 beta for Android phones during MWC 2010. It’s now available for download from the Android Market. This announcement marks the entry of Opera Mini 5 onto the Android platform.Opera Mini 4 has been there in the market for quite some time and this is a much needed update ! Continue reading “Opera Mini 5 beta finally comes to Android”

HTC Desire Price Revealed, Arriving on April 1

The HTC Desire was announced at MWC 2010 and we  brought you live pictures of this monster which is powered by a 1GHz CPU and features a 3.7 inch AMOLED Display.

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Uninor to provide Free Emergency Calling during Maha Kumbh Mela

It’s that time of year when the mad rush to the Maha Kumbh Mela starts and the telecom operator Uninor India is going to to provide Free Emergency Calling and maps of the area during Maha Kumbh Mela. Uninor which is a joint venture  Norway based Telenor and Unitech Ltd will provide emergency communication support to the millions of Kumbh Mela visitors.  It has setup a network of Assistance Booths for the one of the largest spiritual events in India.
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Tutorial : How to Send DTMF request from Nokia N900

Hi folks as we know Nokia N900 does not support sending DTMF request to the operator for credit check and other details.

Finally there is a way to do so with a click of a widget . The widget used to send DTMF request is called the USSD Widget. It is developed by Guseynov Alexey , Martin Grimme.

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Sygic AURA Real 3-D GPS Navigation Coming Soon

Sygic AURA aims to be the ultimate GPS navigation product for both drivers and pedestrians. It is  designed for smartphones and mobile devices . It offers both offline maps and a connected mode with social networking and connected features. User can Drive, Walk & Meet in real 3-D

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Nexus One vs iPhone 3GS 3D Performance Comparison

The folks at a game development company Distinctive Developments have posted a cool video comparison of the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS.  In the video they compare the 3D performance (GPU -Graphics Processing Unit) of the two phones. They render the same game scenes on both the phones and test the frame rate and graphics. As you can see in the image below, the 3GS is doing 60 frames per second and the Nexus One is doing 31 frames per second.

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