Photo Gallery of the Apple iPhone 3G FoneArena Exclusive

We managed to take some photos of the latest celeb in town .. the iPhone 3g ..

it looks almost the same as the first gen iphone except for that fact that its more sleek and got some

weight reduction treatment .. there are screws at the bottom which means a replaceable battery and screen ..

same sexy screen .. take a look for yourself

more pics below

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Apple iPhone 3G Hands On Video Review FoneArena Exclusive

We were lucky to grab an iphone 3g at an Apple Store and for all you folks out in parts of the world where the phone has not come yet — this is what the phone looks like .. enjoy FoneArena’s Exclusive Live Hands On Video Review

more videos below

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The Incredible Hulk – Mobile Game

The wait is finally over. One of the leading comic characters, The Incredible Hulk, has finally arrived on your mobile handsets.

Hands-On Mobile, Inc., the world’s leading developer of connected games and applications, and Marvel Entertainment, Inc., announced the availability of a mobile game and personalization content around the big-screen adaptation of The Incredible Hulk. The game and content are currently available on select carriers worldwide.This coincides with the release of the movie with the same title.

In the mobile game, players take on the role of the titular super hero and hurl cars at enemies, scale cityscapes, dodge precision missiles, and battle The Abomination. In addition to featuring fully interactive and destructible environments, The Incredible Hulk re-creates scenes from the movies which players can smash through. Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk — Mobile Game”

In Depth Review Of The N82 BLACK

If there is one device that has launched enough punch last year it definitely has to be N82 and if there is something that generated more buzz and fervor than N82 then it was its Black Version. The black version is nothing a colored cousin of the original N82. Looking sexier and more royal, N82 Black is touted to be yet another marketing gimmick from Nokia, which is known to always release similar black versions of its popular models ranging from N70 to N95 yet all. These days it’s a trend for mobile enthusiasts to wait for Black versions of a popular N series Model before they make their purchase plans. It does make sense to do so. Obviously a black version of any N series mobile does look sexier and packs in more punch.

Over the weeks we will be covering an in depth review of the N82 Black version hands on…

So keep watching this space.

UnBoxing Of the Nokia N82 Black In Chennai! FoneArena Exclusive

Well am proud to be the first to own an Nokia N82 out here in Chennai(Hope So). Any ways here are the exclusive pictures. See and enjoy. Its simply superb to hold and see too. The visual appeal is simply exhilarating. Here goes . . . .

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Nokia N95 8GB Live Pics

I got a chance last week to play around with the Nokia N95 8GB phone !

The first thing tat grabs my attention in this phone is the awesome screen..

Dont you find the display impressive ? The feel of the phone was prerty similar to the N95 but it was slightly broader due to the increased screen size..

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Nokia N82 VS N95 The 5 Mega Pixel Camera phone Battle

As I had promised before , I m bringing you a comparison of the 5 Mega Pixel Cameras from Nokia .. Its the Nokia N82 vs the Nokia N95 .. Both phones carry a 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Ziess Optics and Autofocus .. The Big difference is the flash .. The N82 has a Xenon flash whereas the N95 only a LED Flash ..

Nokia N95 n N82 Camera Lenses

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Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95

If you were wondering why there are not much activity on this blog ? Then

the Nokia N Series Collection Nokia N81 GB N82 and N95 you see below is to blame .. I have been having a really cool time

playing with these 3 devices over the past 1 week .. Saddest part is that I have to bid adieu to the N95 and the N81 8Gb this weekend ..

The 3 phones are of distinct form factors .. one is a dual slider, other a normal slider and another a bar .. Continue reading “Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95”

Received Nokia N95 and N81 8GB from WomWorld Today !!

I would like to thank Amy and Siobhan from WomWorld

for sending me  the N81 8GB and N95 phones for trialling for 2 weeks.

nokia n81 8gb wom

I was shocked when I got 2 boxes via courier from them. We had some confusion about the shipments initially.. but all was for good  !!

I m already reviewing the N81 8Gb for the benefit of all you mobile music folks out there. Continue reading “Received Nokia N95 and N81 8GB from WomWorld Today !!”

Nokia N82 Camera with Xenon Flash

I have never found mobile phone photography impressive on Nokia phones. I have had the 6230 and then the 6630 and the E61i.

The N82 has completely proved me wrong . The Nokia N82 has a 5 Mega pixel Camera equipped with Xenon flash .

The phone is the best Camera phone available in the market today. I m impressed with the kind of photographs this Nseries phone produces.

N95 and N95 8GB cannot better then N82.

The Camera has plenty of modes and also phone has dedicated Camera and zoom buttons.

If you cant believe what I say.. check out the pics below for yourself. They were clicked with an N82.

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Nokia N82 Review

I have spent more than 3 weeks with a Nokia N82. This review is a summary of my personal experience with the device over this period of time. This smartphone is one of the fastest symbian phone i have ever used.Multi tasking is awesome and battery life seems good.

Nokia N82 in palm

Here are the box contents


Form Factor and Display

This is one phone which is as solid as a brick. No rattling sounds from the body.Its so firmly packed and its feels great to use it though its slightly huge.The body is in plastic but it does not look cheap , its actually a good fit in the palm. The phone weighs about 114g and is pretty decent when you take into account the features of the phone. Display is a 240×320 screen with 16 million colors. Its usable in most places even in the Sun.

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ICICI mobile banking application iMobile

Mobile banking payments and mCommerce might finally get some users in India. ICICI Bank has launched its Mobile Banking Application called iMobile to all its users. The application can let you do most of the actions you can perform over internet banking.Below is the main screen of the application. As a security feature the application asks you to enter a PIN before entering this screen.The PIN is set during the first use and when the application is activated.


In order to tryout the application , I installed it over GPRS on my N82 and then tried doing a Prepaid mobile recharge.

The experience was great . Check below for the screenshots and more info. Continue reading “ICICI mobile banking application iMobile”

Nokia E51 Review

Nokia E51 is a great upgrade to the old Nokia E50.Since a lot of readers are asking us about this phone we thought of writing a review about this latest entrant to the Nokia E Series . You might have seen my post on Nokia E Series in India

Simply put , Nokia wants to make its E Series devices as popular as the N Series ones

Nokia E51


Has got it all – Quadband , 3G, HSDPA – its a 3.5G phone infact. Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) , Bluetooth , USB are all present. Continue reading “Nokia E51 Review”

Nokia E61i Review

Nokia E61i is an enterprise phone loaded with features. It gives Blackberry handsets some serious competition.

Update : Nokia E71 is out and chk out the review

The handset fits snuggly in the hand (at least for me)

The design is impressive and has luxury touch added to it due to the metallic finish similar to the 8800

The phone is an upgraded version of the E61 which lacked a Camera and had a primitive browser. But the built of the E61i is much better than the E61. The keypad has undergone a transformation for the better.

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