Airlock Secure your Mac via iPhone

How will you react when you see your Mac is been used by someone, when you went to pay  the bill or to toilet in a coffee shop, yes this will really frustrate you and for corporates it is like peeing on your bosses trousers. So you always have a option to set your Mac to ask you password after little inactivity, but what happens when you forget your own password, the answer is you are fired. Continue reading “Airlock Secure your Mac via iPhone”

iPhone Apps that you need to have before 2010

This is the post I have been waiting to write for a month, after continuously reviewing so many Apps throughout the year, I have tried my best to  summarize and bring you the must have Apps(here Apps by default means iPhone Apps).

I will not be categorizing any Apps and I will also give a alternative if possible. I am also avoiding any description as these are few selected Apps you should not require any description, you just need to fire up iTunes and get these.

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Samsung Corby Review


Samsung had organized an event way back in September, a blogger meet to explore this form of reaching out to it’s potential market. We at Fonearena were invited for it too. It was a great event and we got to understand a lot more about Samsung and their strategies.What was completely surprising was when they launched the Corby. This ‘cheap’ touch screen phone was completely unexpected and it did cause a stir in the market.With our readers clamoring for a review of this device, we got one from Samsung for a review. Continue reading “Samsung Corby Review”

Review: Sygic Mobile Maps India a Turn by Turn Navigation App for iPhone

iPhone was never a perfect navigational device, though it has Maps App but it hardly solved the purpose, it just shows your current position and roughly calculates distance between point A and B. The scenario increased a little on iPhone world, with release iPhone OS 3.0 and biggies like TomTom, Sygic etc. launched there turn by turn navigational App for iPhone. But to hail the maps were only limited to US, Canada and Australia .After so much wait now we have a hope here, Sygic has launched a full blown turn by turn navigational App for iPhone with maps of India.

sygic-mobilemapsindia Continue reading “Review: Sygic Mobile Maps India a Turn by Turn Navigation App for iPhone”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-4: Camera

The Samsung Omnia HD has had a lot of things said about it. But the biggest USP of this product is the camera. This baby rocks an 8 megapixel camera that does recording in HD (1280 x 720) at 24fps.

Let’s see in detail how the Omnia HD performs in this critical section, since this is the strongest point on it.


Samsung, today makes some of the highest megapixel count camera-phones in the world today. At 8MP, which is the current standard for high end phones, this camera is good. The Omnia HD has a lot of options and presets to help you get the most out of it. The interface on the Omnia HD’s camera is better than the Nokia solution on it’s touchscreen devices too. The only part where it loses out is the inclusion of a single LED flash. Without adequate flash, this phone cannot be used to capture anything in a dark area, as the results will be anything but acceptable. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-4: Camera”

Atomic Pico Bluetooth Dongle – Can it get any smaller ?


You might have seen various bluetooth dongles over the years, ranging from the size of a thumb to the size of of a finger nail the Atomic Pico Bluetooth Dongle goes one step further and fits right into your usb port seamlessly

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Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-3: Software and Accessories

Scr000004In this rather late third part of the review of the Omnia HD, we bring to you a low down on the software that makes the Omnia HD a performer.

As you all know the Omnia HD is Samsung’s first S60 5th edition device and the third touch screen S60 phone to be launched. Samsung with a good experience in touch screen phones, has for some reason failed to deliver a product that sets it apart from an N97 or a 5800. Sure, in terms of the hardware and the camera performance, the Omnia HD is one helluva performer, but some downright silly niggles keep the Omnia HD from becoming a high seller. The good part of it, a firmware update can easily fix it. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-3: Software and Accessories”

Nokia N86 vs N82 Picture Gallery

After having brought to you a camera comparison between Nokia’s newest camera flagship, the N86 8MP, and its old sibling, the Nokia N82, today we show you a side by side comparison of the 2 device’s hardware and design. As always, you can click on the thumbnails to access the full resolution photos.

Sizewise, the N86 8MP is chubbier and shorter than the N82, due to its dual-slider form factor, as opposed to the N82’s candybar design. The materials used on the N86 are nice classy plastic with metal, and covered with non-scratchable glass on the front, whereas the N82 uses the old cheap and shiny black plastics that we saw on the N81, N96, N78, N85…

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Nokia N82 Vs N86 8MP Camera Comparison

Nokia’s most recent imaging flagship, the Nokia N86, claims to be one of the best camera phones on the market. With an 8MP camera sensor, a wide-angle lens, a Dual-LED flash and an aperture size that should make clear night photos, it is clear that the N86 8MP has the big guns out. But the main question remains about how its camera performs in comparison to Nokia’s tried-and-true camera flagship, the Nokia N82 with its Xenon flash and 5MP sensor


We performed a real-life comparison, and you can see the results below. First up, is a series of images taken on a picnic out in the Vincennes area in Paris, France. The N82’s images are on the left, the N86’s are on the right. Continue reading “Nokia N82 Vs N86 8MP Camera Comparison”

Samsung Jet Review

With millions spent on Research , Unique Marketing strategy with lot of fanfare Samsung had launched “smarter than smartphone” Samsung JET with the model number S8000 It is loaded with features according to the specs sheet – 800mhz CPU,AMOLED resistive touchscreen.3D cube interface ,  3.1-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, DivX/Xvid support, Wi-Fi and 2 GB built-in memory. One can easily fall in love with it once it gets in hand because it’s so light and act as a status symbol too. The Form factor is really worth appreciating considering the feature set. Lets dive in and find out if its smarter than the smartphone in this Samsung Jet Review Continue reading “Samsung Jet Review”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-2: Screen and Backlighting


In the second part of the review, we focus on one of the most important aspects of the Omnia HD, it’s screen and also backlighting. We had earlier focused on the the design aspect. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-2: Screen and Backlighting”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-1: Design

061020091372The Samsung OmniaHD or i8910 HD as it is known, is one of the many touchscreen devices launched by the Korean chaebol in India. Samsung’s first touchscreen Symbian device is by no means a flash in the pan. Samsung has been a supporter of the S60 initiative since a long time, but unlike Nokia it did not really capitalize on this platform. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-1: Design”

MyPhone v2.2 released with iPhone style SMS conversation

A few days back, we had told you about MyPhone, the application shell which can turn the UI of your S60 phone into an iPhone UI.

The Guys at MMMOOO have now released a new version of MyPhone named “MyPhone exceeding iPhone” with lot of new improvements and new features. Continue reading “MyPhone v2.2 released with iPhone style SMS conversation”

LG Arena Review

FoneArena presents the LG Arena Review

The LG Arena is the latest full touchscreen multimedia smartphone from LG mobiles.Interesting features include a 5 Megapixel Camera with Flash, DVD Quality video Recording , Dolby Mobile Music, 8 GB inbuilt Memory, DivX Movie Playback. This is just a short review but will try to cover the major areas. We have a Video review at the end of the post just in case you want a quick look !

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