Live from Nokia Take-Back Campaign in Chennai

Today is World Environment Day and Nokia had something special in store for us .

We were invited to the launch of the Nokia’s Take-Back initiative in Chennai related to  recycling phones.

The event marked the nationwide roll-out of the Take-Back recycling program in over 15 cities in India.

Nokia will plant a tree for every phone dropped in the Recycle bins spread accross the country

Making Eco-Friendly products and controlling the carbon footprint of phones seems to be one of the goals  of the company

Dr.Ambrish Bakaya , Director Corporate Affairs was present at the event. We had the chance to interview him

Padmashri Shobana , Dancer and Actor was also present at the event and she contributed her old phone for the the cause.

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Download FAN97 Nokia N97 Theme for Nokia 5800 only on FoneArena

We can’t wait for the Nokia N97 . We are restless like you all. So we decided to make a Nokia N97 Theme for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which is one of the most popular touchscreen Nokia phones.

The theme is called FAN 97 and is meant for all the N97 fans out there !

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Nokia E75 vs E71, Picture Gallery

Well, you have seen the Nokia E75 in all its glory, but how does it compare to everyone’s favorite Eseries device? The Nokia E71 can be considered as the E75’s big brother, it’s the device that brought QWERTY to the masses, as well as great build quality, and a multitude of features in a slim form factor.

The E75 carries the same design language, with metallic accents, but features a narrower size that makes it easier to hold it in one hand, especially when you’re making calls. It is also thicker which allows it to have the QWERTY slider form factor. Here are the comparison images, for your viewing pleasure (as always, click on the thumbnails for the full 12MP photos).

E75 1

The front of both devices shows their difference: the E71 looks like a powerful messaging device, whereas the E75 has a regular mobile phone look. This could be considered as a positive or a negative aspect for the E75, depending on what you look for exactly in a mobile. Continue reading “Nokia E75 vs E71, Picture Gallery”

Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics – FoneArena Exclusive

We had an early hands on with the Nokia N97 and while we can’t give you much in details in terms of software, we can say that the hardware on this phone is amazing.

The unit was the black one , and we have exclusive pics for your viewing pleasure !

Everything from the chrome trim to the slide mechanism for the keyboard was fantastic. It truly felt like a phone worthy of it’s price tag. Continue reading “Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics — FoneArena Exclusive”

Download Google Android OS 1.5 Cupcake Now ! Tested and Working !

Some great news from Android users and especially G1 users .. You can now manually update your G1 with the latest firmware update and get a whole bunch of new features on your existing google phone

See the wonderful onscreen keyboard inside the browser .. love to use the phone without opening the slide-out keypad

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The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory

Varun showed you last week the Nokia E75 in a steaming tea pot and promised that there would be more E75 action on Fone Arena. Well, here it is. It’s a picture gallery showing the Nokia E75 in all its double keypad form factor, and gleaming metallic and rubberized plastic glory. The E75 is Nokia’s latest and most anticipated Eseries device, carrying on the design language that has done wonders with the Nokia E71. We will post a video review of the Nokia E75 later, but we’ll leave you now with the pictures of this amazingly gorgeous handset (click on the thumbnails for the full pictures in 12MP of awesomeness). The front of the E75 features a good 2.4″ screen as well as the usual T9 keypad, with 2 applications shortcuts next to the D-pad: they are the ones labeled with a Messaging icon and with a Calendar icon. E75 1 E75 1 The top of the device only has the 3.5mm headset plug, that you can use to connect the headphones that come in the E75’s box, or your own preferred set of headphones. Continue reading “The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory”