BlackBerry X10 shows up in leaked images

Toronto based Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry smartphones will be showing off its next generation offering at an event on 30th January 2013 but devices based on the BlackBerry 10 operating system have already been leaked. In the latest set of images we get a clear look at what will be RIM’s BlackBerry 10 based QWERTY equipped smartphone.

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BlackBerry 10 QWERTY handset shows up

RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 based devices are no secret and have shown up more than a few times. Today, we got a glimpse at what might be the first QWERTY equipped device running BlackBerry OS 10. Named the “BlackBerry X10”, the handset brings a Bold 9900 inspired design to the struggling smartphone manufacturer’s next generation line up.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini Pro Succesor Leaked !

Another Sony Ericsson XPERIA handset has been leaked on a Chinese Website and is reportedly the successor to the XPERIA X10 Mini Pro. It is expected to run on Android 2.3 and looks pretty fast considering the benchmark screen below. It has a better score than the Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus One. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini Pro Succesor Leaked !”

Sony Ericsson Launches Experience Packs for X10 Range

Sony Ericsson has just launched three experience packs for the XPERIA X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro handsets. They are bundles of accessories that will enhance your XPERIA handset.

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XPERIA X10 getting Multi-Touch in 2011

XPERIA X10 recently got upgraded to Android 2.1. The latest update didn’t bring multitouch features to X10 such as pinch to zoom in gallery, browser etc which most Android handsets support. Continue reading “XPERIA X10 getting Multi-Touch in 2011”

Sony X10 Mini , Samsung Wave , Galaxy S and Apple iPad bag awards in Europe

The European Imaging and Sounds Association has announced the awards for the Mobile Devices Category for the year 2010-11 and the winners are out.

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SE Xperia X10 gets Firmware update , performance fixes

sony x10

Sony Ericsson has announced a new firmware update for the XPERIA X10. It’s not going to bring Android 2.1 to the phone which will come later this year but it makes the phone faster.

This update focuses on improving the general performance, speed and responsiveness of Xperia X10. For example, there are speed improvements in messaging tasks and camera UI. In addition we add a free back up and restore application so you’ll never lose your settings and information. In selected markets, PlayNow™ with premium apps and games will also be added.

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Sony Ericsson X8 Hands on Pics

We had already shared the Video of the X8 but we still had some hands pics of the XPERIA X8 to share with you . Here are the pics  for all the Sony Ericsson fans out there !  Having used the X10 and X10 mini and X8, X10 is too big and X10 mini is too small the X8 seems like a nice form factor ! Continue reading “Sony Ericsson X8 Hands on Pics”

Sony Ericsson confirms XPERIA X10 range getting Android 2.1 update by Q3 2010

From Q3 the the XPERIA X10 , X10 mini and X10 mini pro will get Android 2.1 upgrade as confirmed by a Sony Ericsson executive at the event here in singapore

X10 will get update to enable full HD Video recording by Q3 and also DLNA wireless sharing by Q4 2010

SE had earlier announced updates scheduled for Q4 2010.

Q3 is not too far way. Good news for Sony Ericsson users !

Sony X10 Mini TV Commercial Lady’s Finger Dancing !

Here is a new promo video for the upcoming Sony Ericsson X10 mini the smallest Android phone we have ever seen.  This is a cool commercial in which we see a Lady’s  Finger Dancing to the tunes of the X10 Mini. Also they highlight the fact that the X10 mini is really small by fitting one inside a small Jeans pocket Continue reading “Sony X10 Mini TV Commercial Lady’s Finger Dancing !”

Sony Ericsson X10: Negatives and Conclusion!

I already told you some Things i really like about the Sony Ericsson X10, this huge white Android Device I’m currently trialing, thanks to Sony Ericsson Austria. All the positive Things I posted are rather expected and should be natural if you look at the Specs of the X10. Unfortunately, the X10 leaves a lot to be desired. I have trialed 3 Sony Ericsson Devices in the last few Months and none of them was good enough, that i’d actually consider buying it. The X10 is in that Line as well, although I think a lot can be corrected here with a gigantic Software Upgrade, which already brings me to my first Point:

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