Google Phone vs Apple iPhone and Nokia E71 – Photo Gallery

Well We all know .. that the Google phone is not as sexy as the iPhone .. But since some of you like pictures .. We bring to you an Exclusive Photo Gallery featuring the Google Phone a.ka. HTC G1 , Apple iPhone and the mighty Nokia E71

Even Nokia N82 makes a guest appearance ..

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Google Maps Mobile 2.3 brings Street View to Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile

The Google Phone HTC G1 was the first to have street view in Google Maps..

Apple iPhone was soon to follow with the 2.2 firmware bringing StreetView

Finally its available for Nokia S60 phones and Windows Mobile Phones

This update brings a total revamp of the User interface .. I tested it on E71 and loved it ..

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Google G1 now available to Android developers in India

The T-Mobile G1 would be available for purchase to Android Developers in India but branded as the Android Dev Phone 1but carries the same specs as the G1

Android Developers in 18 countries including India can now purchase the Google Android Phone

Its both Network and Hardware unlocked and is mainly made available to android developers world over.

You don’t have to be on T-Mobile or inside USA to get this phone ..

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Open Handset Alliance adds 14 members including Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, and Vodafone

We are going to see a lot more Android based phones in the coming days as more and more Companies are joining the OHA or the Open Handset Alliance

The latest news its that 14 members have joined including Sony Ericsson , Vodafone and Toshibha

The statement says “New members will either deploy compatible Android devices, contribute significant code to the Android Open Source Project, or support the ecosystem through products and services that will accelerate the availability of Android-based devices.”

For instance it does not necessarilly mean SE will work on a Android device but their options are open

Palm and Motorola are doing really bad with handset sales .. should they just adopt Android and cut costs ?


T-Mobile G1 Unlocked works in India on Airtel

I recently got my hands on a T-Mobile G1 the first Google Android powered phone.

I brought it to India from USA. I unlocked the handset through T-Mobile and the phone now works perfectly fine on Airtel .

We are working on a in depth review of the phone which is the first phone based on the Google Android Operating System.

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HTC G1 coming to India, shows up on Univercell’s site

As we had predicted before ,  the HTC G1 which we unboxed earlier is coming soon to India.

HTC might bundle the handset with an Airtel Connection like RIM does for BlackBerry. HTC also offers a few phones exclusively on Airtel. Univercell shows this phone as coming soon and its priced at Rs.25000 or 500 USD

This is an interesting price point as iPhone 3G , Omnia and Xperia are all more costly than G1

G1 is definitely not a phone you would buy for its looks .. But still these are the phones which are making the news these days .

Would you buy the G1 for 25000 ?

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The FoneArena G1 unboxing

We bring you the unboxing of the device and we are proud to be the first indian website to present the exclusive coverage of the phone to you

Here is the package contents of the HTC G1 or the first google android powered phone ..

The phone (obvious one )

Battery and charger

Stereo Headset

USB Cable

MicroSD Card .. 2GB

Carrying case

Tips and Tricks and Terms&conditions

We have some closeup shots of the phone and package and also a Video of the unboxing


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HTC G1 Launch Live Pics from T-Mobile Showroom

HTC G1 or the first google android is available at stores starting today in USA for T-Mobile customers..

We managed to get to the T-Mobile Store in our area and cover the launch for all users in India who are eager about the Google phone

An inflated version for the phone up for display at the entrance
The First Google Phone in my hands - FoneArena Exclusive

The Google phone is now sold out in all stores in Chicago , and fresh stock of phones is expected only on Nov 10th .. Who said iPhone wont face competition from Google phone ?

I can’t wait to see this phone in India .. more pics ahead .. do u like the sneak peak of the phone ?

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HTC T-Mobile G1 begins shipping

The “Google phone” – HTC T-Mobile G1 is being shipped as you read this.

The device is, of course, the first official device running on the Android platform. There were reports of about one million of the handsets on pre order. Their wait is finally over it seems.

The handset is currently locked in to T-Mobile. There is no word on the India launch or announcement of the carrier. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the same here.

Google Phone in India for 8200

The HTC G1 or the first Google Android phone has already sold 1 .5 million units (pre-orders)

Its priced at $179 in America and comes with a 2 year contract.

Reports suggest that HTC is in talks with Indian operators to bring the Google Phone to India for as little as Rs.8200 but reports also suggest that the handset could be priced as high as Rs.20000

Anyhow thats much cheaper than the Apple iPhone price which is Rs.30000 approx.

So all your users who felt disappointed or fooled by the iphone pricing .. are u listening ?

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Google Android G1 annoucement Live from New York

Google , T-mobile and HTC are unveiling the Google Android G1 mobile handset rite now in New York

you can watch the presentation on the event’s annoucement website 

“No more rumors ” “no more pictures”

The handset is here

the team behind the first official google android handset

Is apple watching ?

iphone may get some serious competition now

First Google Android phone coming to T-mobile today

The stage is all set for T-mobile to launch the G1 handset today at New York.

The handset powered by Google Android  operating system will retail at $199 , the same price Apple iPhone3G

8GB is available with AT&T.

The Gphone  is manufactured by Taiwanese phone maker HTC

We will try our best to get our hands on this phone as it is  going to be available in USA starting this October