iPhone 3.1.2 Jailbreak is out after Purplera1n its Blackra1n !


One of the members of the iPhoneDev team which releases jail breaking tools for iphone and ipod touch is in action again. Geohot who is well known iPhone hacker released the purplera1n tool for windows users to jailbreak the iPhone 3.0 software and has now released blackra1n which is a iPhone 3.12 jailbreak.

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Tweetie 2 goes live on App Store. Looks sweet

image The App which won the Apple Designer Award 2009 has got a major upgrade in the name of Tweetie2. Tweetie was one of the earliest paid Twitter apps for the iphone and it earned a lot of praise for the simple design. Version 2 looks pretty good in terms of features and the download went live on the app store just now [iTunesLink]

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Apple App Store Hits 2 Billion Downloads!


Well the title says it all and no you haven’t read it incorrectly. The Apple Application Store has indeed hit the 2 Billion Application download mark. This was announced today at a press conference in Cupertino, California.

Apart from this, some other aspects highlighted at the event were: The Application Store now hosts over 85,000 applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Over 125,000 Developers are involved in the Apple iPhone Developer Program. There are more than 50 million Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users worldwide.

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Action Babes for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Apple App store app approval process is often plagued with controversy like the recent Google Voice fiasco. But you know what a company called OutboundCity has managed to get its sleazy app called the Action Babes on the App Store


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Apple iPhone China launch on 1st October


Does anyone remember an earlier article stating that the Apple iPhone is due to release in China? It was also known that China Unicom would bring out the device along with Apple.Now the wait is finally over and China Unicom have announced the launch date for the Apple iPhone for the 1st of October. China Unicom is reported to have around 141 million subscribers of a total of 700 million Chinese cellphone users. The release of the iPhone should definitely give a good boost to the number of subscribers. Continue reading “Apple iPhone China launch on 1st October”

Apple iPhone 3.1 OS Jailbroken!


Apple constantly releases new firmware updates for it’s iPhone to solve many of the bugs, problems and to add new features. But the main objective is to fight against the unlocking/jail-breaking of the iPhone.But the hackers/developers always find a way to jail-break/unlock the iPhone. This is the case with the new Apple iPhone 3.1 OS update too. Very soon after the release of the firmware, the OS has been jail-broken.

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Back to College ? You have an iPhone App for that

This is the month, when college and universities all over the world get started for new semester, and being a student, it is quite difficult to adjust after a large break.

Here’s where iStudiez Pro [iTunes Link] comes in, created by Andriy Kachalo and Michael Balashoff, iStudiez Pro is designed to help you take charge of your own schedule by always keeping you on top of where you need to be and what needs to get done. With an intuitive interface, the application promises to make sure “you never miss another course, lecture, and lab, track tasks and deadlines, plan homework, arrange assignments and much more.”

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remotePC brings RemoteDesktop to your iPhone

Want to access & share files from remote PC, you have an Web App for that. Yes, now you can use almighty godly iPhone to access & share contents from and on your PC. You must have earlier heard about many Apps which can be used to control your PC/Mac via iPhone remotely like RemotePad, Air Mouse Pro etc..

Now you can also use your iPhone to do more than just remote controlling your system, now you can access & share files, here where RemotePC Lite comes on. RemotePC Lite is a secure and simple way to view and share files, folders and photos via any browser or using a hand held device like iPhone. You can also upload files to the remote computer and download any file enabled for remote access.

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iPhone Homescreens of Tech Geeks

So, you have got yourself a new iPod Touch/iPhone and you are now in dilemma to keep which iPhone Apps in the home screen. Ya, this happened to me also, when my iPhone was full of Apps & I had to make a decision which are the most useful. But, have you ever wondered to know what are the iPhone home screen’s of the very famous talented designers, developers & tech writers ?


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Bing Visual Search: An Awesome Search Engine for iPhone Apps

Bing iPhone 1

Bing recently launched a new feature called Visual Search through which you could search for any gadget/movie/books etc visually, whose names you finding it difficult to remember.

So you might ask, how is this relevant in a Mobile blog? Well, Bing’s Visual Search has a specific section for iPhone apps as well wherein you can find applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch without opening up the iTunes App Store.

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Download Aardvark Mobile iPhone App for Free, Uses Push Notifications

We just heard from the folks at Aardvark that they have launched their mobile iPhone app and its available for free on the App Store. Whats Aardvark  ? Its a cool IM based Social Search application where users share their expertise for free. You can  either Ask or Answer questions from your friends or other users. This used to work over Chat but now they have extended their offerings with a cool iPhone app which brings almost all the features of Aardvark to your iPhone / iPod.


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AT&T slowly rolling out MMS to its customers. 2 weeks earlier

Good news for our US iPhone readers. AT&T are slowly rolling out MMS for it’s customers. That’s 2 whole weeks ahead of the announced 25th September day. MMS support should be available slowly for all their customers, since at the moment, very few people have reported that their MMS has been activated.



Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97 Comparison Pics


You must have seen the N97 vs iPhone 3G Pictures But here is a photo gallery showing the comparison between the Apple  iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97. Well the 3GS is not much different from the 3G in terms of external hardware. The internal hardware had some great improvements including a faster CPU and more RAM for apps. The N97 is a great device and beats the iPhone in most departments except the apps and the UI. The iPhone offers some of the best apps on the mobile platform and takes the mobile user experience to a whole new level. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97 Comparison Pics”