Sony Ericsson Aspen Hands On Video

The folks at Mobile-Review  have posted a cool video hands on of the newly launched Sony Ericsson Aspen which is first phone to be powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and features both a Touchscreen and a QWERTY.

It also packs a 3.2 Megapixel Camera and 3.5mm audio jack.

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Acer’s big mobile plans – To launch 8-10 handsets in 2010

Acer seems to be on an ambitious plan, charting out a strategy of introducing 8-10 handsets next year. The range of handsets is between low to high end, offering both Android and Windows Mobile Solutions but most likely would prefer Android over the two.Acer Liquid Continue reading “Acer’s big mobile plans – To launch 8-10 handsets in 2010”

Review : Twikini – A Light and Fast Twitter Client for Windows Mobile


You are active on Twitter and stuck with a heavy Twitter client on your windows mobile? Then here is a light weight, fast, reliable and appealing Twitter client for your windows mobile – Twikini.

I will just say ‘Wonderful’. As I have already told you, I am using a Win Mobile since some time and I have tried other Twitter clients too, but I will say Twikini is just the best. If you have tried the beta versions of Twikini and disappointed by its bugs and flaws, then you must give the final version 1.1 a try. Many things have been improved.

Some of the features of Twikini are:

  • Fast and ease of use
  • Unlike other Twitter apps its very light with user friendly interface
  • Simple and appealing
  • Twitpic Integration – So that you can embed pics along with your tweets taken either directly from your mobile camera or the pics stored on your mobile
  • Windows Media Player Integration
  • Ability to read public time line

Remember, recently we covered a video footage of the famous Symbian s60 Twitter Client – Gravity? Similarly, we have recorded a video of Twikini as well, so that you can see by yourself how fast, stable and simple this twitter client is. Just have a look at this video:


Link: Twikini

Locate Which State/Circle a Call is Coming From [Windows Mobile]


As I am using Windows mobile for quite some time now, I have got to know about many cool applications for Windows Mobile and in this post, I am going to write about one such app using which you can locate where an Incoming call is coming from or where a call has been made to.

You come across situations, wherein you need to immediately track where exactly a call is being originated from or where it has been made to. And frequently, one needs to keep visiting different internet sites to keep track of such anonymous calls. Continue reading “Locate Which State/Circle a Call is Coming From [Windows Mobile]”

Windows Mobile Development Team Tweets WM6.5 is done!


Stumbled over a tweet by the Windows Mobile Development Team, mentioning:

For the record, Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE… complete… looks really good IOHO and every bit functional. ping us if u want to know more.

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Seamlessly Sync Data in Your Windows Mobile with Microsoft MyPhone

Remember the sync feature recently introduced by Google? If not here it is. Though it had many great features, folks at Microsoft kicked off their own sync feature – Microsoft My Phone. So, if you are a Microsoft loyalist and don’t want to use Google services on your phone, then you can start using this cool service by Microsoft.


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HTC Touch Pro Unboxing Pics

We got our hands on the HTC Touch Pro which is a QWERTY Device powered by TouchFlo3D touch screen and is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro

Here is pic of the phone with the keyboard pulled out ..

The styling of this phone is unique and really classy ..

The only problem is that it collect dirt easily ..

see the awesome keyboard below .. would be great for all you Hardcore SMSes and Email users ..

Interesting features of the htc touch pro include

  • Quad Band GSM and Dual Band 3G network support
  • 2.8-inch touch screen, with four times the resolution of most phones.
  • Inbuilt GPS Receiver
  • Inbuilt 3.2 Megapixel Camera with flash and video recording
  • Wifi, Bluetooth , USB
  • microSD expansion support .. mine din’t have any memory – had to purchase one separately

More pictures after the jump

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Synchronize your Phonebook with Google Sync

Have you even been really excited to get a new phone but then you realize that you have to sit and put all your contacts and information into the new phone? This has happened to countless number of people all over the world. It can be such a hassle to have to manually put all that information back into your phone. The people at Google have created something that will make it much easier to switch your phones and your information. Google has released a beta version of a program called Google Sync for iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

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MC55 Enterprise Phone Unveiled by Motorola

Motorola A good news coming in for enterprise phone lovers.. Motorola have unveiled a business phone – Motorola MC55. You can view some snaps and check out a brief specifications of the phone In the following few lines.

Motorola MC55

Brief Specifications:

  • 3.5” 320X240 Touch Screen
  • OS – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Querty Keyboard
  • Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bar-Code Scanner, Etc

The handset will be available in two variants MC5590 and MC5574 that would be priced in between $1695 and $2135.


Windows Mobile version 7 in 2010

Just as we are bracing ourselves to catch version 6.5 of Windows Mobile on handsets such as LG-GM730, HTC Touch Diamond 2 and HTC Touch Pro 2, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has recently confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will be available sometime next year.

Although no specific data has been set yet, it is certainly going to be quite an exciting OS to look forward to.

We look forward to the 6.5 version handsets that have stiff competition coming in from Palm’s Pre, TouchFlow, RIM and even LG’s new S-Class 3D UI this year! How exciting for a mobile enthusiast!

Nevertheless, since Windows Mobile has been around for a long enough time, its users do appreciate the various upgrades it’s been through. Continue reading “Windows Mobile version 7 in 2010”

Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.5 on three handsets

At the Mobile World Congress 2009, Microsoft unveiled “Windows phones” based on Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. In addition to the new user interface and a richer browsing experience, the Windows phones also feature two new services: My Phone and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

The new Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen keeps people up-to-date on important information by providing a dashboard-like experience to items such as new e-mails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments. It also includes an improved touch-screen interface, making it easy to take action with a finger.

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Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile

Recently, Microsoft commissioned a Mobility Survey in APAC in conjunction with Synovate to gauge people’s perceptions, attitudes about smart phones and how they put their phones to use in their everyday lives.

The survey throws up some fascinating revelations and definitely makes for an interesting read. The How Mobile Are You survey polled nearly 2,500 respondents (513 in India) in five countries across Asia.

· 59% of Indians polled prefer the touch screen phone. The candy-bar phone had the lowest percentage of preference at a mere 8% Continue reading “Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile”

Is The iPhone The Ultimate Windows Mobile Device?

It seems that the most unethical application for the iPhone has already been built, or has it? MyPhone2008 has an interview with Erik Kristiansen, a Norwegian developer, who claims to have managed to run Windows Mobile on the iPhone. The application seems like Bootcamp which is currently available on all Apple’s Mac computers, and allows you to run Windows XP or Vista when you first launch your Mac. Eric demonstrates the application which hits in the moment you turn the iPhone on, and presents you with 2 icons: an Apple icon which of course will launch the iPhone’s default OS, Mac OSX; as well as a Windows icon which will launch Windows Mobile 6 from the looks of it.

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Samsung Omnia FoneArena Exclusive phone footage


On 16th October, 2008, Fonearena was represented by Ritu at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai where a demo of the Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Samsung Omnia was given to three mobile phone enthusiasts (Ankit Saxena and Rupesh from the WATblog were co-invitees).

Microsoft was represented by Sumeet Gugnani, Director – Mobile Communications Business, who also enlightened the bloggers on the rise of MS in the world of mobile phones.

“We have a 33% share in the market of hi-end convergence devices (devices that are not only business phones, but also pack in multimedia features, a good camera and a simple UI)” revealed Sumeet. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia FoneArena Exclusive phone footage”