Amazon now automatically saves documents sent to Kindle to Cloud Drive

Amazon has integrated Kindle documents to its own Cloud drive thereby by giving its users 10 GB Amazon Cloud storage, in addition to 5GB of storage. Kindle owners received an email from Amazon informing them that all documents sent to Kindle are now stored on Amazon Cloud Drive.

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Google extends Windows Phone calendar and contact syncing deadline to December 31st

There was huge uproar after Google announced its plans to drop EAS support for all non-corporate GMail accounts, mainly because that affected Windows Phone, which has no in-built support for the new CardDAV and CalDAV technologies. Hence Microsoft and Google decided to extend the support for Windows Phone devices until July 31st, yesterday, a date from which devices without the GDR2 update would have stopped supporting syncing to Google servers. Thankfully, the companies have extended the date yet again, to December 31st, since most devices haven’t got the update yet.

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Ford SYNC AppLink launched in Asia Pacific


At Computex 2013 here in Taipei , Taiwan ,  Ford announced that it is bringing Ford SYNC AppLink to the Asia Pacific region.Ford SYNC is a voice controlled in-car entertainment system installed in most Ford cars.AppLink is a new feature which lets users interact with mobile applications using the same voice based Sync platform.   Pandora, TuneIn Radio and Kaliki are the first 3 apps which will support AppLink functionality and be available in the Asia Pacific region. Continue reading “Ford SYNC AppLink launched in Asia Pacific”

Windows Phone 8 sync app for the desktop comes out of beta, adds new features


The Windows Phone desktop app for Windows Phone 8 devices has finally come out of the beta, after over six months in preview form. The app, which is used to manage files and sync media with your Windows Phone 8 device has been hardly a replacement for the excellent Zune solution for the earlier generation Windows Phone 7 devices. But with Windows Phone 8 adding the MTP protocol for file management, the Zune app has been useless, while the Windows Phone app, with its limited features, proved of little utility. Anyway, the app has now added more features and is now available for download, in case you are craving for a decent sync app for Windows Phone 8, and don’t want to go down the explorer route.

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Sync your Blackberry with your Mac with PocketMac

If you are a Blackberry user and use a Mac then you might need to sync the information present in your phone to your Mac. PocketMac is Mac-to-BlackBerry sync solution. They have released a new version of the app recently Continue reading “Sync your Blackberry with your Mac with PocketMac”

Seamlessly Sync Data in Your Windows Mobile with Microsoft MyPhone

Remember the sync feature recently introduced by Google? If not here it is. Though it had many great features, folks at Microsoft kicked off their own sync feature – Microsoft My Phone. So, if you are a Microsoft loyalist and don’t want to use Google services on your phone, then you can start using this cool service by Microsoft.


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SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry Beta Download is out

SugarSync is a cool File Sharing Service which lets you share files across multiple computers and mobile devices .. if you are that kind of person who works on multiple computers / mobile phones and want to access your files on the move then SugarSync is for you .. They have launched the beta download of the Blackberry version .. currently windows mobile phones and iphone have native apps .. others can use the mobile website version of the app.. I have tried the service and its pretty decent !

SugarSync Announcement Follows

We’re excited to announce the beta of the new SugarSync for Blackberry — the ultimate mobile application for people on the go! Using a BlackBerry, you can access and share all of your files and folders when you are away from your computer.
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Synchronize your Phonebook with Google Sync

Have you even been really excited to get a new phone but then you realize that you have to sit and put all your contacts and information into the new phone? This has happened to countless number of people all over the world. It can be such a hassle to have to manually put all that information back into your phone. The people at Google have created something that will make it much easier to switch your phones and your information. Google has released a beta version of a program called Google Sync for iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

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Nokia completes acquisition of Intellisync

Company committed to maintaining support for synchronization and mobile connectivity to applications on non-Nokia devices and multiple device platforms like Palm OS and Windows Mobile

Nokia Press Release

New York, NY, USA -Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced it has completed its acquisition of Intellisync, a leader in platform-independent wireless messaging and applications for mobile devices. As a result of the acquisition, Intellisync common stock is no longer publicly traded and each share of Intellisync common stock has been converted into the right to receive $5.25 in cash.
The transaction will enhance Nokia’s ability to respond to customer needs and effectively puts Nokia at the core of any mobility solution for businesses of all sizes. Intellisync’s entire product range will continue to be sold under the Intellisync name as part of Nokia’s business mobility solutions software business line within its Enterprise Solutions business group.
“This acquisition puts Nokia in an unparalleled position in the business mobility market,” said Mary McDowell, executive vice president and general manager, Nokia’s Enterprise Solutions business group. “By combining the existing Nokia offerings with the leading software, synchronization and device management solutions from Intellisync, we are able to connect practically any device built on any platform, to any data source, application or network.”
“Broad connectivity and application support for a multitude of device manufacturers and platforms is absolutely critical to the uptake of mobility in the business world,” continued McDowell. “The reality is that employees use a variety of devices and applications today, and many companies are challenged to provide those employees with the ability to connect to corporate information and applications like email. We know that we can drive the development of the market by continuing to work closely with our partners and redefine the way people and businesses communicate.”
With the completion of this acquisition, the Intellisync team becomes part of Nokia’s Enterprise Solutions business group, led by Mary McDowell, executive vice president and general manager.