Samsung Omnia FoneArena Exclusive phone footage


On 16th October, 2008, Fonearena was represented by Ritu at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai where a demo of the Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Samsung Omnia was given to three mobile phone enthusiasts (Ankit Saxena and Rupesh from the WATblog were co-invitees).

Microsoft was represented by Sumeet Gugnani, Director – Mobile Communications Business, who also enlightened the bloggers on the rise of MS in the world of mobile phones.

“We have a 33% share in the market of hi-end convergence devices (devices that are not only business phones, but also pack in multimedia features, a good camera and a simple UI)” revealed Sumeet.

According to him Microsoft moved up sales from 1 lac per annum about a year ago, to 1 lac in the last quarter alone. That’s a stupendous growth by any standards!

He also took us through the value propositions of the MS package vis-à-vis others.

The companies offering Windows Mobile range from HTC, ASUS, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, iMate, Palm etc


He highlighted the HTC Diamond, Sony Ericsson Xperia (soon to be launched in India) and the Samsung Omnia as flagship Windows Mobile handsets.

Sumeet during the interaction
Sumeet during the interaction

Fonearena will be laying its hands on the Omnia soon and for very in-depth reviews on this hi-end handset (cost Rs 30,000) stay tuned to this space!

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