Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile

Recently, Microsoft commissioned a Mobility Survey in APAC in conjunction with Synovate to gauge people’s perceptions, attitudes about smart phones and how they put their phones to use in their everyday lives.

The survey throws up some fascinating revelations and definitely makes for an interesting read. The How Mobile Are You survey polled nearly 2,500 respondents (513 in India) in five countries across Asia.

· 59% of Indians polled prefer the touch screen phone. The candy-bar phone had the lowest percentage of preference at a mere 8%

· 65% of Indians consider the brand of the phone as the most important factor in purchasing their phones. Music quality and storage capacity rank next at 57%. Only 7% tend to buy their mobile phones basis recommendations at the shop outlet they buy their phones from.

· 69% of Indians want PC-like functionalities from their phones and 70% want to be able to send and receive emails on their phones

· Clicking pictures on mobile phones is a rather popular activity across countries according to the survey. 44% Indians take camera quality into consideration while purchasing phones. 39% Indians also take into account the software of the phone than the mere physical features.

· While young Indians may be more tech savvy and have the latest trends at their fingertips, India ranked the highest amongst all Asian countries on influence of children on mobile purchase

· Indians have the highest incidence of shooting voyeuristic pictures/photos with their mobile phone at 33%. Japan and Taiwan have the lowest at 6% and 7% respectively.( No wonder Shutter sounds are being made mandatory)

· Asians are extremely open to using mobile phones to manage their personal relationships. In fact, in taking relationships to the next level, the Chinese (58%) and Indians (54%) are most likely to find it acceptable for marriage proposals to occur over their mobile phones.

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Author: Varun Krish

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