Microsoft to reveal next version of WP7 on May 24th

Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 last year and its successor to Windows Mobile 6.5. WP7 is a totally refreshed and a different OS as compared to others, and it brings a lot of good features to users but it’s also missing some. Microsoft recently launched copy-past NoDo update for WP7, but users are expecting some more stuff. Continue reading “Microsoft to reveal next version of WP7 on May 24th”

Only 674,000 WP7 devices sold so far, says Eldar Murtazin

Windows Phone 7 was launched last year and it’s known as the successor of Windows Mobile 6.5. WP7 has potential and it’s growing gradually. Android is now almost 3 years old and it’s currently leading the mobile OS race. Gartner recently predicted that by 2015, Android will be dominating the mobile market whereas Microsoft OS will be runner up. Continue reading “Only 674,000 WP7 devices sold so far, says Eldar Murtazin”

Hack your WinMo phone to run Android

If you are an owner of a phone that runs on WinMobile OS, but you are planning to leave WinMo and join Android bandwagon. Then before leaving WinMo, you can give Android OS a try right on your WinMo powered phone, you just have to hack your WinMo powered phone to run Android. But before doing this, let me tell you that it’s a bit risky because you have lot of chances to brick  your phone, so tread carefully. And if you just bought a new WinMo phone, then don’t do it, but if you plenty of them then it’s okay. Hacking process is not that easy, so head over to and follow the hacking steps.

Microsoft and Windows Mobile at Mobile World Congress 2010

We are just a few weeks away from Mobile World Congress – the biggest mobile event of the year. Come MWC 2010 and major brands are expected to make announcements which decides the future of the mobile industry.

Microsoft is holding a Press Conference on Feb 15th and we received an invite for the same.

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Opera Mobile 10 Comes to Windows Mobile after Symbian

Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile phones is now out for immediate download on a WinMo phone after the Oslo based Software Company announced the Symbian version of the browser earlier this month. This version for Windows Mobile aims to transform mobile browsing to a desktop-like experience

Opera mobile 10 windows mobile
Opera mobile 10 windows mobile

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is out – specs , price , pics and videos inside

sony-xperia-x2Diehard Sony fans will certainly love this new handset SE – the XPERIA X2 which  is the successor to the X1 .The X2 is now officially out after a bunch of leaks and blurry cam shots .The release of Windows Mobile 6.5 devices are round the corner and Sony sticks with WM on this handset. Its got impressive hardware according to the specs sheet Continue reading “Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is out – specs , price , pics and videos inside”

Windows Mobile version 7 in 2010

Just as we are bracing ourselves to catch version 6.5 of Windows Mobile on handsets such as LG-GM730, HTC Touch Diamond 2 and HTC Touch Pro 2, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has recently confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will be available sometime next year.

Although no specific data has been set yet, it is certainly going to be quite an exciting OS to look forward to.

We look forward to the 6.5 version handsets that have stiff competition coming in from Palm’s Pre, TouchFlow, RIM and even LG’s new S-Class 3D UI this year! How exciting for a mobile enthusiast!

Nevertheless, since Windows Mobile has been around for a long enough time, its users do appreciate the various upgrades it’s been through. Continue reading “Windows Mobile version 7 in 2010”