Picture Gallery: Nokia C6-01

And here I am with yet another fine picture gallery for you all, this time i had the Nokia C6-01 right in front of my lens! Nokia’s smallest Symbian^3 smartphone certainly has the looks and feel to impress, which comes into play even more when the georgeous 3,2″ Clear Black display is powered on. Perfect for everyone who wants a smaller smartphone, without having to worry about a 4″ screen fitting into the pocket or not. I won’t go into much detail, as I have my review up soon! In the meantime, feast your eyes on the pictures of the Nokia C6-01!

The Nokia C6-01 in all its georgeousness!

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Nokia E7: Does It Compete With The N8 Or The HTC Desire Z?

In many of my posts about the Nokia E7, ever since I received my trial unit, I kept saying that “I don’t get it”. I don’t understand the purpose of the E7 or who will buy it or for what reason. The rationale behind my thought was that in terms of Symbian competition, the Nokia N8 offers a much more complete package, while in terms of QWERTY/Business competition, there are plenty of better options with Android on board.

However, saying something is not like proving it in an objective comparison of specs, so given that I have an N8, E7 and HTC Desire Z in my hands, I set out to take some pictures of all of them for you, and to do a specifications comparison table.

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Hits and Misses – The Nokia E7

The Nokia E7. Nokia’s answer to its loyal Fans who were waiting for a worthy successor of the Communicator. It’s also the answer to all QWERTY fans, finally wanting to get rid of their horrendous N97s. Announced at last year’s Nokia World in London, Nokia has set out to please fans from both camps. I have decided to gather my thoughts on the Nokia E7 in something called Hits and Misses – I will look at certain details of the Nokia E7 and either give it a plus or a minus – a hit or a miss. So what is an absolute hit for me? And where is Nokia missing something? Read on to find out what grinds my gears.

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Hardware Tour Of The Nokia E7: A True Masterpiece

Very few devices have seriously impressed me in terms of build quality these past years. As mobile phones got larger and more sophisticated, many manufacturers moved to cheaper materials to balance the cost of the phone, and many other manufacturers simply failed to make a solid phone because of the bigger touchscreens that introduced more fragility to designs. For the past months, I’ve looked back at my Nokia E71 and wondered: will we ever see the same grade of heavy duty build with the modern industry requirements?

Thankfully, Nokia, in a time when everyone is questioning their ability to compete, whipped out the big guns and delivered two premium devices: the Nokia N8 and now the Nokia E7. With everyone focused on Symbian’s shortcomings, Nokia keeps proving that they know how to do phones: phones that work well as phones, that don’t creak squeak or rattle, phones that feel fantastic in your hands, phones you are tempted to caress and stare lovingly at for hours, phones that stand true to the legendary saying about Nokias “throw a Nokia at a wall and it’ll come back in your hand, fully working”. The E7 is that and more. Join me for a tour of the E7 in pictures.

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Nokia E7 Griefs Shed A Light On Some Important Symbian Glitches

Over the past 4 years and more than 40 review and trial phones that have passed  in my hands, there are barely a few experiences I can count as terrible. One of the most recent ones though occurred just a couple of weeks ago and it made me see things in a different perspective. See, my luck had it that I received a faulty Nokia E7 unit, which had software glitches from the first time I turned it on and then hardware issues as well. While this was bound to happen, as there will always be that one unit that runs away from quality control in production plants, it isn’t the problems that arose that annoyed me, but the fact that Symbian’s only way of fixing them was Restoring and starting from scratch.

Here is a recount of my adventures with the Nokia E7 and the glitches I started noticing as I went along battling it to get it to a working state.

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Get The Promised Symbian Overhauled Look Right Now

One thing Symbian has never had a lack of is excellent theme designers. Ever since the S60 2nd Edition days, you would simply have to hit up a small search on the internet to find hundreds upon hundreds of theme overhauls to help you personalize your device and always keep it feeling fresh. If fresh is what you’re aching for, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

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Gallery: Frosty Metal Nokia C7 vs Silver Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 and C7 have been available for quite a while in the market, and we’ve already brought you reviews of the N8, many photo galleries of it, and a separate gallery of the Frosty Metal Nokia C7. I happened to have both the silver N8 and the Frosty Metal C7 in my hands at the same time, so I thought I’d share a hardware tour comparison with you, explaining the key design differences between these otherwise slightly similar Symbian^3 devices. Continue reading “Gallery: Frosty Metal Nokia C7 vs Silver Nokia N8”

PR 1.1 Update Released For Nokia N8, C7 And C6-01

Nokia recently released the much awaited PR 1.1 update for its popular Symbian^3 smartphones, the Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01. The new software update enhances the quality and the stability of the devices, in addition to numerous tweaks and fixes.


Nokia recently released the much awaited PR 1.1 update for its popular Symbian^3 smartphones, the Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01. The new software update enhances the quality and the stability of the devices, in addition to numerous tweaks and fixes. You may not directly see the updated features, but they will surely improve the user experience on your Symbian^3 smartphone. Continue reading “PR 1.1 Update Released For Nokia N8, C7 And C6-01”

The Magic Pill For Connectivity Problems On Symbian: NetQin

Connectivity settings on Symbian have been Achilles heel for the platform ever since EDGE and then 3G and WiFi were introduced to mobile phones. At first, it was each app that wanted to connect and kept nagging you with a popup. Then Destinations were ushered in S60 3rd FP2, making it possible to seamlessly switch between a data connection and WiFi, but you still had to approve connectivity and pick a Destination for each app. Then, on Symbian^1 and 3, something awesome was introduced to help with that: a default “Internet” destination and connections could happen without your approval. Except, like I said in my N8 review, it ended up being an absolute nightmare.

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Nokia C7: Buy It Or Go For The N8?

A lot has been said already about the Nokia N8 and the C7, the first two Symbian^3 devices that started shipping a few weeks apart from each other; a lot of comparisons have been made, a lot of opinions voiced. I was lucky enough to have used both handsets for a couple of months each, separately, to form my own impression of them, and to have a real world feel of how they compare to each other and how they fit in a daily use scenario. In this post, I will try to answer the dilemma of any buyer who is torn between both handsets.

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Nokia C7 Frosty Metal Picture Gallery – It’s Icy Cool

After announcing it during Nokia World 2010, the Nokia C7 gathered a lot of fans, thanks to its slim profile, elegant looks and impressive features. However, I have to admit that I wasn’t charmed personally. So when I got the first C7 in my hands, the Charcoal Black one, I was anxious to see how the press release picture would translate into a real device, and it simply left me annoyed. The whole device looked like a black rock that has been squished and smoothed, or a Nokia E66 (which I like) that has been thinned by a rolling pin (which I don’t). Plus, the all-black look was so bland with no charm and no character. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t a fan.

But as luck has it, I got to exchange my review unit and the second one ended up being the Frosty Metal version of the C7. And boy does a simple color change make a difference! I love the “white” C7, absolutely love it. It’s classy in all the right ways, and the silver/white mix gives it an incredible icy cool feel. The photo gallery here is to share with you all the beauty of this awesomely crafted device.

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