Nokia shows off Symbian^3 on Nokia N8 in 3 part Video Series

Chris Bennetts, Senior Project Manager at Nokia shows off Symbian^3 and some interesting features such as Widgets, Converstations,Multitasking on the upcoming Nokia N8 in video which is part 1 of a 3-part series.

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Thoughts from Hell: The Nokia N8

I was begging, swearing, crying and whatnot for Nokia to finally bring out a REAL successor to the holy Nokia N82 for a loooong Time. You know i love my N82. It’s what i call a real Photography Flagship. A fantastic 5 Megapixel Camera with Charlie Zeiss inside, and most importantly, a Xenon Flash. Maybe you read my Top 9 Phones in 2009 Post, over at my Thoughts from Hell Blog, to get the Idea where the Love comes. I still use it whenever i go on the Road and know i might be able to snap some quick Pictures. The N86 came out and i never even touched it. Why? Simple, not much Innovations. It was a prettified N85 with an 8MP Camera on Top, with a Dual LED Flash. On a so called Photography Flagship. I do know the N86 has made some pretty darn well Pictures, but i can’t go along with the Term “Flagship” on a Device that sports nothing really innovative. I only had my Hands on one shortly and never even thought about trialing one.

And then came the N8. Silently announced on Tuesday, April 27th, it raised a lot of Eyebrows with a Series of fantastic new Features and great Specs. And in my Opinion, it also looks great. My following Points are made entirely of what i saw on the Internet so far – I did not see the N8 in the wild so far. Continue reading “Thoughts from Hell: The Nokia N8”

Nokia N8 is the World’s First Dolby Digital Plus phone

As we were told in the Nokia N8 QnA , this upcoming Symbian^3 phone does Video playback with 5.1 surround sound and it does have something special to offer as Dolby and Nokia have joined hands to make the Nokia N8 the World’s first Dolby Digital Plus phone. We have tried the Dolby Effects on the LG Arena and it was quite impressive . Nokia has been quite late to get Dolby on its phones but seems like we’ll see it quite a number of Nokia handsets starting with the N8

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Interview with Julien Fourgeaud of the Symbian Foundation

Julien Fourgeaud is a Roadmap Catalyst at the Symbian Foundation. FoneArena’s Varun got a chance to interview him where we ask Julien about Symbian – the most widely used smart phone platform in the world.

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