Romoss Rolink Hybrid – Dual Lightning/microUSB Cable Review


One of the greatest advantages of wireless technology is the fact that you have lesser cables to carry and don’t have to worry about compatibility as such. However, even in 2016, most of the accessories and basic functions such as charging still requires cables and that can often mean that most of us have to carry at least two cables in our bags. This is true especially if you are someone like me who carries an iOS and Android device. But what if you can have just one cable to suit both needs? Sounds perfect? The Romoss Rolink Hybrid could be your solution. Let’s check it out.

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Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter for iPhone 5

You can actually charge the iPhone 5 with a regular micro USB wall charger provided you purchase the Lightning to Micro USB accessory from Apple which is sold only in Europe currently. This adapter works only with the new iPhone 5 , iPod nano and the iPod Touch which use the new Lightning connector.

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Nokia N8 + Full USB Keyboard = Awesome wpm !

Just when we were struggling with the Nokia N8 T9 keyboard, we spotted a spare PC USB keyboard lying in our office . We decided to connect the wired keyboard to the N8 using the USB OTG feature. It will certainly boost your wpm score( words per minute) . Michael already showed that you can control the N8 with a Keyboard and Mouse via Bluetooth. But we are kinda surprised that it works over a wired connection too. BTW a USB Mouse works as well .

Check out the video below to see the Keyboard in action . Time to take the N8 to your next presentation.


Universal microUSB phone charger passes through ITU

Soon all mobile users can breathe easy and carry a single damn charger for all mobile phones. Many major brands have agreed to adapt to the microUSB charger standard.And the great news is that this Universal microUSB phone charger design just passed through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


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