Complete Apple iPad 2 Line-Up gets a Price Cut in India

Apple has cut the price of all models of the iPad 2 in India after it announced the new version of the iPad earlier this week in the US.The entry level iPad 2 WiFi model gets the biggest cut of Rs.5000 whereas other models see cuts between Rs.2000 and Rs.4000. We already told you about the price of the 16GB WiFi only iPad 2 dropping to Rs.24500 , now we have confirmation from Apple that the entire iPad 2 line up will see a discount.

Apple announced during its iPad launch event that the iPad 2 will start at $399 in the US and the price cut is effective in India so fast ! If you don’t need the latest and greatest iPad ,  the iPad 2 is a great buy at these prices. But then , if you want the latest iPad , you need to wait for the India launch or bug your cousins or friends abroad to pre-order one for you !

Author: Varun Krish

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