OPPO F3 Plus – Leader in Camera, Design and Battery Technology

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We’ve all seen the OPPO F3 Plus by now and might also be aware of the high end features and specifications that OPPO has managed to pack under the hood. However, it is important to realize just how much thought has gone into those specifications and how they can make a huge difference in your smartphone experience. Let’s find out.

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OPPO F3 Plus Hands On and First Impressions

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OPPO has announced the F3 Plus, its latest and greatest in the Selfie Expert lineup. On paper, the F3 Plus seems like a really interesting device especially in terms of the cameras where OPPO has even paid attention to the rear camera despite being a selfie focused smartphone. However, specs are one thing while real life performance is another. We got to spend some time with the device and here are our impressions.

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There’s a new “Selfie Expert” coming to town – Here are some teaser samples


Selfies are all the rage now and almost every major manufacturer is trying their best to produce smartphones that cater to an audience that is in love with taking self portraits and sharing them across social media. We’ve had the liberty of using one of the latest selfie oriented smartphones that which is to be announced in India on the 23rd. Here are a few teaser shots from the device that shows its true photography potential.

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How the OPPO F1s lit up our Diwali


With the ever increasing importance of social media and the growing trend of self-portaits aka selfies, the demand for smartphones capturing higher quality photos has never been higher. More megapixels alone doesn’t necessarily mean better image quality. A lot also depends on the aperture value as well as the size of the sensor. Diwali has just passed, we get a chance to see how OPPO F1s’ photography performs in low-light conditions. Here is what we learnt.

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