Elevate your photography with the OPPO F3 Plus

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By now, most of you would’ve already been able to get a glimpse on just how good the OPPO F3 Plus is at photography. It is out and out a photographer’s sidekick when it comes to capturing the best of moments. However, there are several things that you need to check in detail in order to fully realize the phone’s potential. Continue reading “Elevate your photography with the OPPO F3 Plus”

OPPO F3 Plus – Leader in Camera, Design and Battery Technology

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We’ve all seen the OPPO F3 Plus by now and might also be aware of the high end features and specifications that OPPO has managed to pack under the hood. However, it is important to realize just how much thought has gone into those specifications and how they can make a huge difference in your smartphone experience. Let’s find out.

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Vivo V5 Plus Review


The advent of self-portraits or “selfies” as they are commonly known and the ever-increasing popularity of social media has resulted in the rise of smartphones that are specifically designed to cater to this particular demographic. The primary emphasis as a result becomes the front facing camera which ironically has always been refered to as the secondary camera. Now, it may seem as if terms such as “primary” and “secondary” depend on the smartphone itself and what it tries to achieve. The issue with such smartphones usually lies with the fact that manufacturers often concentrate too much on the “selfie” aspect and ignore the rest. The Vivo V5 Plus is the latest amongst the big lineup of selfie centric smartphones in India. In this review, we shall take a look at the smartphone in detail to see whether it’s just about the front facing camera or whether they’ve managed to focus on all aspects of the smartphone as well.

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Sony patents new technology that detects facial expressions from selfies

Sony already makes a selfie focused Xperia C3 and now it seems like it wants to further tap the ongoing ‘selfie’ phenomenon. A new report from Venturebeat states that the company has filed patent for a unique selfie technology.

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How to make Selfies even better on the Micromax Canvas Selfie


If there is one major concern with selfies, it’s trying to look good in them. In our video earlier, we showed you how front facing cameras these days are now almost on par with the main cameras, with the example being the Micromax Canvas Selfie. The Canvas Selfie has the same 13 megapixel camera unit at the front and at the back, so the earlier problem of having better detail is now solved, but again, with it comes the concern of too much detail. You might have noticed the auto-beautification features in a lot of phones, which apply some post-processing after face detection, but with Micromax outright calling it a Canvas “Selfie”, these features are built right into the camera UI. Let’s take a look at them.


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