There’s a new “Selfie Expert” coming to town – Here are some teaser samples


Selfies are all the rage now and almost every major manufacturer is trying their best to produce smartphones that cater to an audience that is in love with taking self portraits and sharing them across social media. We’ve had the liberty of using one of the latest selfie oriented smartphones that which is to be announced in India on the 23rd. Here are a few teaser shots from the device that shows its true photography potential.

The next smartphone from OPPO belongs to the “Selfie Expert” series and as the name suggests, the primary focus is on a high quality front facing camera for better selfies. OPPO has focused on both the hardware and software aspects of the camera.

The first shot shows the impressive amount of detail that is captured by the front facing camera itself. Most of the other smartphones on the market cannot achieve this much amount of detail and sharpness on the rear camera let alone the front facing camera.


The second shot is taken with the secondary front facing camera that offers a wider field of view compared to typical smartphones. This is a key enabler in taking those picturesque selfies with enough of the beautiful background in the frame as well. Regular front facing cameras capture the subject well but often seem isolated. In this, the viewer gets a great idea on where the subject is.


The secondary front facing camera can also be used to capture selfies with your loved ones or your friends as shown below. Having a wider field of view allows to accommodate more people into the same frame. This is a great feature since the whole point of selfies is to capture wonderful memories and beautiful moments with near and dear ones.

Captured on OPPO F3 Plus by Dabboo Ratnani

OPPO have been at the top of their game when it comes to software optimization and this new smartphone is no different. The built-in beauty mode allows you to get the best possible shot to share on social media. The beauty mode can also be tweaked to your preference since each person would look better with different settings. It helps to smoothen the skin , remove blemishes and add a touch of colour to your already wonderful skin.

Without Beautify
With Beautify

Most smartphones suffer with having decent dynamic range even for the front facing camera. The new OPPO device on the other hand comes with great dynamic range not just for the rear camera but also the front facing camera.

Captured on OPPO F3 Plus by Dabboo Ratnani

OPPO has focused a lot on the front facing camera but hasn’t forgotten about the rear facing camera either. The shots taken by the rear camera are also very detailed, carry plenty of colour, good dynamic range and sharpness.



The photos are also taken quite quickly which can be seen from this photo where you can see how well the dog has been captured. As you may or may not know, dogs and kids are often the most difficult to capture since they keep moving. To get a shot that is sharp and in focus, you will need a smartphone that has the ability to lock focus quick and a fast shutter speed.


There is a unique double exposure mode also that is something that almost no other smartphone on the market offers. It essentially combines two photos into one. This is possible using the same camera or a mixture of both cameras. You can use it to create very unique and creative selfies and shots.


These shots are just a glimpse of what one can expect with the new OPPO smartphone. Over the coming weeks, we shall be putting it through its paces and revealing more interesting facts and wonderful samples from the phone.