Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: One of the best budget smartphones ever made

Redmi 1s_fonearena-004

Xiaomi entered India with hopes of making a decent foray into the highly competitive smartphone market where right pricing equals massive success. Traditionally, Samsung knew this and Motorola stumbled upon it, Xiaomi should have known better. With the Mi3, the company woefully underestimated online demand and ended up discontinuing its sales soon, only to introduce a much cheaper model into the market, the Redmi 1S. On paper, the device is just too good to be true at the price point it comes at. For a shockingly low price of Rs. 5,999, the Redmi 1S comes with a large 720p screen, a powerful quad core processor, a 8 MP camera, 8 GB of memory and so on. No other phone currently offers these kinds of specifications at this price point, but the natural reaction for something that’s too good to be true is always this – Is there a catch? With the same doubt in our minds, here is the review of the Redmi 1S.

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Finals – Nokia Lumia 520 vs Gionee Elife E6 #SmartFone13

Hey folks! Thanks for voting in the first and second rounds of this best budget smartphone of 2013 competition. You have chosen the winners from the first round and they have competed against each other in semi-finals from where you have again chosen two finalists. In the battle between Nokia Lumia 520 and Micromax Canvas Turbo, you have chosen the lone Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia 520.  In another battle between the Gionee Elife E6 and Intex Aqua i7, you have chosen Gionee Elife E6. Now when Nokia Lumia 520 goes up against the Gionee Elife E6, what phone will you choose? Which of the two phones will win the best budget smartphone of the year award?

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