Samsung Galaxy 5 Review: The Small Android Your Non-Geeky Friends Will Love

The story with Android has been quite similar these last few years: manufacturers seem to always be on the run to deliver bigger, faster, better, devices with more specs inside than anyone can humanly memorize. Dual-Core processors, 4.3″ screens, 3D displays, HD video recording… are all interesting, except they target what? maybe 5-10% of the users. The rest, well, they get very confused and somewhat overwhelmed with these features. They want a phone, that’s it. Maybe they want Facebook in there, a camera of sorts, and email would be a nice plus. For those, the Samsung Galaxy 5 is perfect.

The Galaxy 5 is the smartphone brother of the iconic Samsung Corby, a device with a simple design, dedicated keys for calls, quite limited features in terms of camera and other hardware, but it packs Android Eclair 2.1 instead of Samsung’s dumbphone OS. But the question is does this mix work?

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Android 2.1 Update starts rolling out for XPERIA X8, X10 Mini and X10Mini Pro

XPERIA X10 got updated to Android 2.1 earlier this month.  Now the other models in XPERIA series such as X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8 have started to receive Android 2.1. The Sony Ericsson Official Blog said that the update is started to roll out for certain product codes.

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Samsung Continuum announced, hitting Verizon on Nov.11th for $199.99

We saw that coming, and we are talking about this phone from a few weeks now. Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Continuum, which is the world first phone to come with dual LED display. Samsung announced the device officially during the event in NYC. Continue reading “Samsung Continuum announced, hitting Verizon on Nov.11th for $199.99”

Rumor: Samsung to launch Google Nexus Two

A few days ago, we told you that Samsung is holding an event in New York on November 8th, where Samsung will announce a new Android powered device. We didn’t have any information on the device, but now rumors are on the street that Continue reading “Rumor: Samsung to launch Google Nexus Two”

Android 2.1 delayed again for Xperia X10 family

A few days ago, we told you that Sony Ericsson is planning to launch Android 2.1 for Xperia X10 in late September, but it was wrong because Sony Ericsson is now saying that they will bring the Android 2.1 to Xperia X10 family in late October. I don’t know why SE is Continue reading “Android 2.1 delayed again for Xperia X10 family”

More than 55% Android users are on Android 2.1

Android OS is known as the one of the famous and the fastest growing operating system. Google has revealed some new fresh details about Android OS. The new Android fragmentation details shows that 55% devices are now running on Android 2.1. The main reason of this rapid growth is Droid X, EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and Motorola Droid. Only 3.3% devices are running on Android 2.2, and at the moment only Nexus One is running Android 2.2.

Still more than 40% devices are running Android 1.5 and 1.6, which contains devices like Motorola Cliq, Xperia X10, Xperia X10 Mini etc. I hope that latest Android build for these devices will be out soon, and then in next fragmentation chart, we will see only few devices running on Android 1.5 and 1.6.

New Android version is rumored to be out in Q4, which is known as Gingerbread or Android 2.3, then we will see some good, latest, and more devices running it.

Have a look on the graph after the break:

Acer Stream Photos and Video

Here are some official photos of the newly launched Acer Stream which is powered by a 1Ghz Processor and runs Android 2.1 . The phone uses a AMOLED capactive touchscreen.  The phone looks pretty impressive and is 11.2 mm thin. The display supports 1.67 million colors and Acer is claiming improved battery life. It weighs 140g although it has no QWERTY . But considering the specs and the 1400 mAh battery we are ok with that.

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