The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory

Varun showed you last week the Nokia E75 in a steaming tea pot and promised that there would be more E75 action on Fone Arena. Well, here it is. It’s a picture gallery showing the Nokia E75 in all its double keypad form factor, and gleaming metallic and rubberized plastic glory. The E75 is Nokia’s latest and most anticipated Eseries device, carrying on the design language that has done wonders with the Nokia E71. We will post a video review of the Nokia E75 later, but we’ll leave you now with the pictures of this amazingly gorgeous handset (click on the thumbnails for the full pictures in 12MP of awesomeness). The front of the E75 features a good 2.4″ screen as well as the usual T9 keypad, with 2 applications shortcuts next to the D-pad: they are the ones labeled with a Messaging icon and with a Calendar icon. E75 1 E75 1 The top of the device only has the 3.5mm headset plug, that you can use to connect the headphones that come in the E75’s box, or your own preferred set of headphones.

E75 1 The right side of the E75 features the Volume Up and Volume Down keys, around the Voice Dialing shortcut. A dedicated camera key is also there, the E75 being the first Eseries device that has a Camera key that actually also launches the Camera application, beside snapping pictures. E75 1 E75 1 The left side of the E75 has the MicroSDHC card slot, as well as the MicroUSB connection. The E75 uses the MicroUSB to connect to the computer, as well as to charge, so you can charge it through your computer’s port. E75 1 The E75’s back features the 3.2MP camera, with one LED flash that can be activated for video capture, as well as a self-portrait mirror. There’s also the battery cover, and the set of speakers. E75 1 The E75 uses the same D-pad as the E71. It has raised edges, with a nice center button. This d-pad gives very nice tactile feedback when pressed, and is one of the best we have seen on Nokia S60 devices. E75 1 Here is the second aspect of the E75: the full QWERTY keyboard. This unit is a french one, and hence has an AZERTY keyboard, but depending on your region, you’ll find QWERTY or QWERTZ variants of the keyboard. The keys are flat, but have a very nice give when pressed, which makes typing on them a great experience. They also have a rubberized plastic finish, which also improves the typing speed. E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 Notice the gap between the two parts of the slider. Although this might seem like a big gap, the slider is perfectly solid, and doesn’t wiggle or fiddle when open, nor when closed. The build quality on this slider is phenomenal and proves that Nokia still know how to make sturdy and robust devices. E75 1 E75 1 Here are some additional pictures, showing the E75’s aspects in intricate detail, as well as its in-hand handling. Notice the small size of this device, the 1000mAh battery, and the nice Boom Letters game that is available for the E75 in the Download! folder. E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 E75 1 We will soon post a comparison between the Nokia E75 and the Nokia E71, from a hardware and camera performance point of view, as well as a video review of the Nokia E75.