Nokia E75 vs E71, Camera Comparison

After having brought you an amazing E75 picture gallery, as well as a comparison of the device with its older brother, the Nokia E71, here is a comparison of both devices’ camera performance. Both handsets sport a 3.2MP camera, with no special lenses (ie no Carl Zeiss lenses like the ones found on Nseries), but with autofocus and an LED flash. Even though, on paper, the specs are pretty similar, the performance and the results speak for themselves. The E71’s pictures are grainy, washed out, have a violet tone to them, whereas the pictures taken by the E75 are more vibrant and more realistic.

Here is the first comparison in daylight (E71 on the left, E75 on the right, click on the thumbnails to view the full image):

Now a close-up macro mode comparison. Notice the better details captured by the E75.

And finally a picture in pitch darkness: picture taken in a room with no exterior light, and no interior light. As you can see, the E75 comes out with a pretty decent picture, whereas the E71’s image is noisy, blurry, very poorly lit.

And as a finale, here is a video shot in pitch darkness, of the same board, with both devices. The E71 can’t use the LED as a video light, whereas on the E75, you have the option to use the LED flash as a video light, which yields better close-up videos at night, up to about 1m distance.