How to copy paste from webpages in E71/E61i using Opera Mini 5

Yesterday we had told you about the copy paste feature of the new Opera Mini 5. However many of the people were facing difficulties doing the same, in mobile devices which had a QWERTY keypad eg E71, E61i etc. The difficulty arose because Opera Mini is a Java Application and hence the normal CTRL+C and CTRL+V does not work in Opera Mini 5.

Gerry Moth from Nokia Addict has now found out the correct way to copy paste from webpages on E71 and E61i.

How to Do Copy Paste:

You just have to press 1 or hold the OK d-pad key down for a while and then you will be able to select text/copy text or paste the text.

For more Opera Mini shortcut keys in E71, just head over to Nokia Addict’s Article.

Update: If inline editing is disabled, then the native phone UI in E71/E61i takes over and CTRL+C / CTRL+V will start working again. To disable Inline editing, just go to the “Settings -> Advanced ->Inline Editing” in Opera Mini 5.

iPhone 3.0 OS: New Features

Well over the last few years we have grown to love the IPhone and some people questioned whether Apple could really improve on the previous IPhone OS. Today Apple gave us a peek at the new IPhone OS which is schedule for release in the summer.

Below I have listed a number of the big enhancements to the OS.

  • Search your iPhone
    • So the folks at Apple created an app called “Spotlight”. Spotlight is a new home screen that you do all your searching from. Searching your calendar, email and notes are among the few applications you can search through.
  • Cut, copy, and paste
    • Of all the features that people have long been waiting for Copy and Paste is probably one of the biggest. It’s worth mentioning that you can select multiple pictures, copy them and then paste them into a new message.

      Below is a screen shot illustrating this functionality.

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