iPod Touch 4G vs 3G – Hardware Tour, Size And Retina Display Comparison

It’s only one year ago when I got gifted my 8GB iPod Touch 3rd generation and started discovering and enjoying the world of iOS and that ever-growing AppStore with thousands of cool apps and games. I was hooked almost instantly and used it extensively for a while, then all of a sudden, it started gathering dust in my drawer for a couple of months, and I was back in my old Symbian routine, using a Nokia E72 and N97 Mini. That was until I decided to take the iPod Touch back again, jailbreak it because I felt I was missing an opportunity there, and with multitasking enabled, we became the “bestest” of friends and stayed that way ever since. Lately, I’ve even been using it more and more, relying on it for all my Music and Gaming needs, for my RSS feeds with Reeder, for all my medical apps needs, and a lot of other functions too. Needless to say, those 8GB filled up pretty fast and I was battling the free MBs at least once or twice a week.

That was until the new generation of iPod Touch was announced, and the 32GB one was presented at a relatively affordable price, with all the novelties inside. I couldn’t help but cave in. And I’m pretty excited to say that I’ve been a happy happy camper ever since.

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Download iOS 4 aka iPhone OS 4 Now !

The latest software update for the iPhone and iPod touch devices have been released by Apple and is now available for download via iTunes and we also included direct links incase you want to do the update manually!

The iOS4 updates brings lots of new features to the iPhone platform the main highlight being multitasking. Other features worth mentioning are support for multiple exchange accounts , unified email inbox, folders for organizing apps ! Continue reading “Download iOS 4 aka iPhone OS 4 Now !”