Nokia E5 Review

Here’s the FoneArena Nokia E5 review – a QWERTY phone which has been launched in the market recently and is Nokia’s latest Eseries device after the E72. Nokia E5 is one such phone which packs some great hardware with trusty OS. It packs a good enough 600MHz processor with 256MB RAM, powered by stable and well proven Symbian S60 3rd edition OS. I said business oriented phones right? Yes, I did and there was a time when E-series phones were just for the Business Class, with phones like E71, E63, E72 the trend changed! Even the normal users, heavy texters, social networking addicts liked the form factor. So will E5 find its place there? Yes, it is a low cost qwerty  phone that offers most features what one would ask for. Read on to find out more about the E5.

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Nokia E5 hitting stores in India this month ?

Looks like the Nokia E5 might finally be available in stores later this month according to the tweet by Noki India on twitter. One of our friends Suyog asked Nokia India on twitter about the E5 India launch date and he got a reply that the “E5 should be in stores later this month”

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Nokia E5 Hardware Tour Gallery

We recently got our hands on the Nokia E5, Nokia’s latest Eseries device after the E72. The E5 came alone in an envelope, so we couldn’t really unbox it, but we’ve taken it for a spin to show it to you from all angles.

The E5 bares a lot of resemblance, hardware-wise and specs-wise with the Nokia E72. It’s a candybar qwerty, and anyone who has used an E71 or E72 will find himself at home with the qwerty keyboard. It’s the same texture as both of its predecessors, with the same rounded keys, and a nice feedback to them. On top of it is a 2.4″ screen, 256k colors, with a light sensor and the ear piece.

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