Nokia N82 Vs N86 8MP Camera Comparison

Nokia’s most recent imaging flagship, the Nokia N86, claims to be one of the best camera phones on the market. With an 8MP camera sensor, a wide-angle lens, a Dual-LED flash and an aperture size that should make clear night photos, it is clear that the N86 8MP has the big guns out. But the main question remains about how its camera performs in comparison to Nokia’s tried-and-true camera flagship, the Nokia N82 with its Xenon flash and 5MP sensor


We performed a real-life comparison, and you can see the results below. First up, is a series of images taken on a picnic out in the Vincennes area in Paris, France. The N82’s images are on the left, the N86’s are on the right. Continue reading “Nokia N82 Vs N86 8MP Camera Comparison”

Nokia N86 to have face detection in future firmware update!

AAS is reporting that Nokia’s camera flagship is to have the face detection feature in its next firmware upgrade. This feature, if it is implemented, will enable the N86, as the name suggests, detect a face and increase focus over it. Face Detection has long been available to samsung devices and now for the first time on a Nokia device.  Have a look at the screenshot below for further proof.

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Nokia X6 Camera Samples

The X6 [specs] is an awesome looking music phone with a capacitive screen. While the phone got announced at Nokia World last week we have some camera samples from the 5 Mega Pixel Camera of this Music Phone. Interestingly the Camera packs Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash. Continue reading “Nokia X6 Camera Samples”

LG Arena Camera Samples

First we told you about the Dolby Music on the LG Arena, Now its Camera time ! Does the 5MP Camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens capture good photos ? Decide for yourself from the pics below . We have taken pics in many conditions – outdoors , indoors, flash on/off. We have got a lot of requests from users to post reviews about camera phones and here is the LG Arena’s Camera in action

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Nokia N97 Camera Samples

Nokia N97 sports a 5MP Camera with AutoFocus and Carl Zeiss optics. Its also got a Dual LED Flash to support image capture in low light conditions.  Below are some Camera samples of the N97 taken with the Phone mostly in low light conditions !  We already have some pics taken in bright day light

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Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 Review – Camera Phone with Xenon Flash – Pics

MOTOZINE ZN5 is the first Motorola mobile phone to combine Moto’s ModeShift Technology and KODAK Imaging Technology to redefine the quality of images from a mobile phone camera. While we are still clicking pics using the phone’s camera, we bring you some pics of the phone itself. And this review might be a bit late as the phone has been in the market for quite sometime. But its better late than never !

Interesting features include

  • 5-Megapixel Camera
  • Autofocus
  • Xenon Flash
  • 3.5 Mm Headset Jack
  • WiFi
  • FM Radio

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Nokia N97 Camera Samples from Hotel Oberoi Bangalore

I tested the Nokia N97 Camera for a short span of time when attending the N97 Event in Bangalore.

Here are downsized pics of the 5MP photos taken by the Camera phone .

This pic is the best of the lot

Download FullSize 691KB

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Protect Your iPhone’s Look and Improve Camera Quality with Clarifi


Do you own Apple’s iPhone or thinking to get one but you are disappointed with the camera quality of the phone? Or do you want to protect your phone from scratches- then Griffin’s Clarifi is a pretty good option available for you. It is an exterior casing for the Apple iPhone with an inbuilt lens that can clarify the camera quality of the most loved phone – Apple iPhone. Continue reading “Protect Your iPhone’s Look and Improve Camera Quality with Clarifi”

The Nokia E75 Camera Samples prove E75 beats the E71 Cam

Trenton Smith has posted some great pics which are Nokia E75 Camera Samples.

He has also compared the E75 Cam with the E71 and Im really happy to see the quality of pictures on the E75..

E71 is a great phone but Camera falters in low light and other conditions ..

Well Its a biz phone and Im not complaining .. But well Nokia is Listening

Who said Eseries phones must not have good cams ..

E75 Camera looks much better than the E71 ..

E71 on the left and e75 is on right .. dont you feel that picture quality is better ?

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Sony Ericsson Patent shows Camera Zooming using Motion Gestures

Sony Ericsson has filed a patent that allows zooming to be done just by the moving the camera back and forth. According to the patent, a reference object is needed to pre-determine the zoom factor that you want the lens to go. The patent talks about obtaining the output of an accelerometer and utilizing it in the camera zoom function. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Patent shows Camera Zooming using Motion Gestures”

Nokia N82 VS N95 The 5 Mega Pixel Camera phone Battle

As I had promised before , I m bringing you a comparison of the 5 Mega Pixel Cameras from Nokia .. Its the Nokia N82 vs the Nokia N95 .. Both phones carry a 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Ziess Optics and Autofocus .. The Big difference is the flash .. The N82 has a Xenon flash whereas the N95 only a LED Flash ..

Nokia N95 n N82 Camera Lenses

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Motorola to Work with Kodak on Improving Camera Phones

Motorola has recently come to a 10-year agreement with Kodak that will see the two companies working together to make camera phones more functional and user-friendly

The world?s second largest handset maker, Motorola has recently come to a 10-year agreement with Kodak that will see the two companies working together to make camera phones more functional and user-friendly.

Kodak will supply Motorola with hardware and software to make it easier to store, send, and print camera phone pictures. They hope to make it possible to send a picture to anyone, anywhere in the world, with the click of a single button.

?Think about visual IM,? said the head of Motorola?s mobile phone division, Ron Garriques, when describing the process of sending a picture.

Although the deal between Motorola and Kodak is non-exclusive, it will likely see them work closely together for a number of years, and share intellectual property. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Nokia 6280 is now shipping across Europe

Now shipping in European markets, the Nokia 6280 will sell at an estimated retail price of 375 EURO before subsidies or taxes.

Infosync World reports that Nokia has begun shipping across Europe

A highlight of the 6280 is its integration of dual camera, which was previously only available in the Nokia 6680 smartphone. A back-mounted 2 Megapixel camera is used in conjunction with a front-mounted 0.3 MP camera to allow for rapid switching between views, with the 6280 also offering in-call initiation of video sharing should users want to start sharing video mid-call. Also, the 6280 offers a full-screen landscape mode for use when shooting stills or recording video, as well as a LED flash with a range of up to 1.5 meters.

Offering up to 74 MB of user available memory, the 6280 includes the full compliment of Nokia’s messaging and presence functionality with support for SMS, MMS and presence enhanced instant messaging, as well as an e-mail client supporting POP3/IMAP4/SMTP protocols. Additionally, the 6280 also offers Nokia’s Xpress audio messaging as well as support for Push-To-Talk, and further on the note of audio integrates a stereo FM radio with support for Visual Radio and also a music player with stereo audio.

For shorter range connectivity, the Nokia 6280 integrates Bluetooth, Infrared and also USB 2.0 via Nokia’s proprietary Pop-port interface, all of which enable synchronization with the Nokia PC Suite.

Measuring in at 115 g and 100 x 46 x 21 mm, the 6280 offers a claimed talk time of up to 3 hours and up to 250 hours when on GSM; up to 2.5 hours and up 200 hours, respectively, when on WCDMA.

Now shipping in European markets, the Nokia 6280 will sell at an estimated retail price of ?375 EUR before subsidies or taxes.

via [infosyncworld]