Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Keyboard Case Review


Despite virtual keyboards coming a long way in recent years to provide customers with a real feel experience with typing, nothing can still come close to an actual physical keyboard. But with manufacturers opting for larger screen rather than sacrificing screen estate for keyboards, it becomes difficult to get that experience. Samsung have come up with an interest accessory that will give you a physical keyboard on their latest flagship.

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Samsung files patent for a new Smart Ring

Samsung has filed a new patent application for an accessory that is dubbed as “Smart Ring”. According to the patent, the Smart Ring has the ability to control a smartphone, smart TV, or tablet. The patent was published by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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Motorola introduces Keylink to track your keys and phones for $24.99

Motorola has launched Keylink phone and key finder. The Bluetooth accessory connects to your keychain and works with a companion app to let you find your keys from up to 100 feet away.

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Motorola announces Power Pack Micro portable battery for $39.99

Motorola announced another mobile accessory along with Moto Hint today. The company has launched portable battery for Motorola smartphones but is compatible with all Android smartphones. Dubbed as Power Pack Micro, it has a portable battery capacity of 1500mAh charge and provides instant access to back-up power when you need it.

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New version of Motorola Skip phone locator revealed by FCC

Motorola is working on a newer version of Skip NFC locater that enables users to unlock the Moto X with a single tap using the device. The FCC has revealed the Motorola Skip 2.0 that will use Bluetooth instead of NFC for unlocking your phone.


Motorola had launched the original Skip accessory last year which was a thumb sized clip that incorporated NFC. However, as per the images from the FCC filing, the newer version will be a small triangular key fob that can be attached to a keyring or similar object. According to the supposed user manual, the new Skip will unlock your phone as long as it is nearby. In case you lose your Skip, or any item attached to it such as your keys, you can now use your phone to find it. Pressing a button in the companion app on your device will cause Skip to emit a sound. This can also be done to find your lost phone by double-tapping on Skip’s button.

moto skip

Newest version of Skip will not be water or dust proof and work on phone running Android 4.3 or higher. You can use an official Moto app to pair Skip with your device. Motorola is expected to announce its highly anticipated new smartphones and smartwatch at an event on September 4th. We might also see the Skip announcement at that event.


Microsoft introduces Bang by Coloud portable speaker

Microsoft just announced 4-inch Lumia 530 and 530 Dual SIM, its latest budget smartphones. The company has also launched colourful Bang mini speakers (MD-1C) by Coloud. The rechargeable speakers are portable and compact can play upto 8 hours of music on a single charge with its  680 mAh battery.

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Nokia teases #NokiaFG on Twitter, possibly an accessory?


Nokia has started teasing some of its products as the Mobile World Congress event is heading closer and closer. Among many of the teasers on various social networks, the company has posted an image of various phones stacked together, and tagged it as “2014’s hottest fashion… #NokiaFG coming soon ;)” which makes no sense for us, but the picture may has some clues.

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LG reveals Quick Window accessory for the G2 ahead of launch


The LG G2 had been officially confirmed as the upcoming flagship phone from LG, but hasn’t seen a proper unveiling yet. But that hasn’t stopped the company from releasing an accessory called “Quick Window” for the phone, which is launching in New York on August 7th. The accessory, which works just like the Samsung S-View cover for the Galaxy S4, literally offers a quick window into some basic functions and lets you access some mini apps. Sporting various colours, as noted from the image above, the cover will presumably launch to retail along with the device itself.

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CUBE Universal Car Holder Review


Car holders are a dime and a dozen so when the guys at Mobile Fun sent us over the CUBE holder, we were quite curious to see what was special about it. As you can see, the CUBE holder is surprisingly petite yet manages to do a very decent job at holding up a smartphone on your desk or car. Continue reading “CUBE Universal Car Holder Review”

Capdase Smart Tripod Review

Have you ever wanted to take a photograph of yourself in front of a picturesque background or a group shot with your friends but had nobody to hold up the camera ?

Capdase, the popular accessory manufacturer, has a very versatile tripod available which claims to do a great holding up your phone in any position you might want to get that shot. Read on to find out if the accessory actually lives up to its promise.

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Official accessory line up for Nexus 7 leaked

Google’s Nexus branded 7″ tablet has been quite a success and buyers have been waiting for an official accessory line from the manufacturer, ASUS. After all the teasing, actual details have finally started flowing in regarding the accessory line up.

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