Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger Review

Given the larger screen sizes and increasing processing power in smartphones, they’re fast replacing dedicated GPS units and even in-car entertainment systems. While phones have become more powerful, battery technology hasn’t really caught up. The Nokia CR200 tries to solve multiple probles in one go by  acting as a sturdy car charger, providing built in wireless charging capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at the car holder. Continue reading “Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger Review”

CUBE Universal Car Holder Review


Car holders are a dime and a dozen so when the guys at Mobile Fun sent us over the CUBE holder, we were quite curious to see what was special about it. As you can see, the CUBE holder is surprisingly petite yet manages to do a very decent job at holding up a smartphone on your desk or car. Continue reading “CUBE Universal Car Holder Review”

MobileFun Universal Car Phone Holder Is A Bargain

When it comes to placing your phone securely in your car and being able to access it easily while driving, there are hundreds and thousands of solutions. Many of them are dedicated to one phone and have to be replaced when you change it, and many are incredibly expensive. But if you want a cheap universal car holder, you can’t go wrong with the Universal Car Phone Holder from MobileFun.Co.Uk.

This 7$ car holder comes with an air vent clip as well as a sticky pad, so you can attach it to the air vent in your car, or the windshield. It’s small enough, black, so it fits with most car interiors and doesn’t look cheap. The right side is also adjustable, so you can fit a phone as small as the Nokia C5 or expand it to fit something as wide as an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Here are a couple of shots from the Universal Car Phone Holder fixed on my Mercedes C230’s air vent, with the Nokia C5 and my iPod Touch used for reference as to what you can fix on it.

Continue reading “MobileFun Universal Car Phone Holder Is A Bargain”