Nokia teases #NokiaFG on Twitter, possibly an accessory?


Nokia has started teasing some of its products as the Mobile World Congress event is heading closer and closer. Among many of the teasers on various social networks, the company has posted an image of various phones stacked together, and tagged it as “2014’s hottest fashion… #NokiaFG coming soon ;)” which makes no sense for us, but the picture may has some clues.

If you look closer at the second phone in the picture from the top, with a blue wallpaper, one can notice a clamp like plastic thing hanging on to its sides. This might indicate that Nokia is planning to introduce some accessory that is fashionable, or might be a series of phones too! We can see a number of different phones in the picture, although not all look the same, some have differently placed front facing cameras and ear pieces, so they could be anything. Here’s the exact tweet they posted –


So what could it be? And why do we see monks in all the pictures on the phones? It’s really really hard to decrypt, but our bet is on a fashionable accessory that will be a grip of some sort, indicated by the G on NokiaFG. Is it going to be like the Nokia Camera Grip? Well, if it’s anything useful and not just fashionable, it would be fine with us. What do you think though? Does this teaser make any sense to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source Nokia

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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