Coolpad Cool 1 Feature Focus: Performance


It was just a couple of days ago that we reviewed the latest and greatest from Coolpad. Dubbed as the Cool 1, the phone was developed in collaboration with LeEco and predictably displays many traits that are more often seen in LeEco devices. While we liked the general performance and display of the device, there are certain aspects of the Cool 1 that really stand out. In this article, we’ll be talking more about the performance characteristics of the all new Coolpad Cool 1. Continue reading “Coolpad Cool 1 Feature Focus: Performance”

Why the Smartron tbook is one of the most productive 2 in 1s on the market


Tablets and laptops are great devices however, there are a lot of disadvantages that comes from having two separate devices. You have to worry about charging both of them, carrying them both and not to mention the fact that you have to find the funds to pay for them both. That is when 2 in 1s stepped in to provide the best of both worlds. 2 in 1s are more practical than ever and offer more practicality than having a separate laptop and tablet.

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How the Honor 8 is the cutting edge of connectivity


The main purpose of a smartphone is to keep its owner connected. However, this doesn’t just mean keeping the user connected over calls and messages. It also means that the device should be able to give the user multiple ways to store, access and share content and information to make his/her life easier. Many smartphones these days fail to do that and users have to find shortcuts or ways to overcome said shortcomings on their device. The Honor 8 however, will delight every user with its abundance of connectivity options.

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How the OPPO F1s lit up our Diwali


With the ever increasing importance of social media and the growing trend of self-portaits aka selfies, the demand for smartphones capturing higher quality photos has never been higher. More megapixels alone doesn’t necessarily mean better image quality. A lot also depends on the aperture value as well as the size of the sensor. Diwali has just passed, we get a chance to see how OPPO F1s’ photography performs in low-light conditions. Here is what we learnt.

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How Honor has redefined what a fingerprint sensor can do with the Honor 8


Up until a few years ago, fingerprint sensors were regarded as some of the cool stuff that you got to experience in Sci-Fi movies and TV shows and not something that could be a practical implementation. However, since then, we have seen countless implementations of fingerprint scanners on smartphones and with each passing year, even the lower end smartphones are having this feature by default. While there have been improvements in terms of accuracy and speed, not many companies are recognizing the huge potential that can be unlocked. Honor is probably one of the main exceptions and they have redefined what a fingerprint sensor can and is expected to do with the Honor 8. Let’s find out how.

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Honor’s Indian Success Story – How they made it happen and what lies ahead


The Honor brand was launched a couple of years ago internationally and subsequently launched it in India as well. However, I don’t think anyone would’ve been able to accurately predict just how successful the brand would turn out to be. Let’s take a look at the driving force as well as the mantra behind the brand.

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Multitasking and performance to be key focus for Coolpad’s new device

Coolpad Mega 2.5D -6

In a recent article, we’d talked about how Coolpad had managed to craft a niche for itself through devices that offered a perfect balance between price and performance. Through that delicate balance and value proposition, the Coolpad Note 3 and Note 3 Lite were uniquely positioned to create a fan following despite the presence of Xiaomi’s very popular products. Indeed in the entry to mid range segment, Coolpad’s devices stood out for the quality of hardware, software optimization and attention to detail.  Continue reading “Multitasking and performance to be key focus for Coolpad’s new device”