We are live blogging the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 launch in Beijing


It is a chilly yet sunny morning in Beijing , China where Xiaomi is about to take the wraps of the most expected Mi Note 2 smartphone at a launch event today. As a tradition Xiaomi has unveiled more than one product at its launch events so we are betting on a lot of new stuff. Continue reading “We are live blogging the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 launch in Beijing”

Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black Unboxing


Apple launched the iPhone 7 in India last week starting at Rs. 60,000. We already brought you the unboxing of Black version of the iPhone 7, here we have the unboxing of the Jet Black version that comes only in 128GB and 256GB variants. We managed to get hold of the top 256GB variant. Check out the unboxing video. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black Unboxing”

Google Chromecast Ultra Hands On


Google finally announced Chromecast Ultra, its first Chromecast device with support for 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR). It also has faster dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac support and is currently the fastest Chromecast yet. We got some hands-on time with the device. Check out the video below. Continue reading “Google Chromecast Ultra Hands On”

Google Pixel XL Hands On and Photo Gallery


Google finally announced Pixel XL smartphone at an event in the US yesterday. We were live at the event and have got our hands on the Pixel XL smartphone. So let’s take a detailed look at the hardware and specifications of the phone.

Continue reading “Google Pixel XL Hands On and Photo Gallery”

My Facebook account just got disabled instantly for sending this cat photo


What was turning out to be a peaceful Saturday night dinner for me turned into a digital nightmare when Facebook suddenly disabled my account after I sent a photo of a cat on messenger to a friend after receiving it on WhatsApp. That sounds really ridiculous right? Cat photos are really 90% of the internet and why on earth was my Facebook account disabled for sending this over Messenger , not even posting it on my timeline.  I was actually chatting with some friends over Facebook Messenger and after I sent this image , I automatically started getting logged out of messenger. I opened the Facebook app and that said Session time out and asked me to login again. I felt something was wrong with my phone or internet, I decided to get online on my computer. Only then It began to strike me that Facebook has actually disabled my complete Facebook account – Messenger , Facebook, Ads and what else I don’t know – in a matter of seconds and I was being logged out of the service on all my devices.  I just realized that my Facebook profile with over 3000 friends and numerous photos and messages is no longer accessible. Continue reading “My Facebook account just got disabled instantly for sending this cat photo”

Lenovo Z2 Plus Unboxing


Lenovo launched the  Z2 Plus, successor of last year’s Z1 in India last week, which went on sale earlier this week exclusively on Amazon.in starting at Rs. 17,999 with several launch offers. It is the same ZUK Z2 smartphone that we had unboxed back in July, but this has Google Now Launcher by default instead of ZUI’s launcher. Check out the unboxing below.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing


Apple started selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones in over 25 countries from September 16th, after it was announced earlier this month. We managed to get the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus phones from Germany and unboxed it last week, check out the unboxing video of the iPhone 7 Plus. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing”