Nokia N8 camera guide

Nokia N8 is a latest flagship device by Nokia, and it’s a dream device of every Nokia fan. Nokia had worked really hard on the Nokia N8, and they made it a successful and an awesome device. The camera in Nokia N8 is one of its main features, and it comes with a 12 Megapixel camera lens. So if you love photography and Nokia, then Nokia N8 is your phone. If you want to take professional portrait shots from your Nokia N8, then Nokia want to tell you how to do it. Nokia has posted a guide on their blog which will tell you How to take a professional portrait picture with a Nokia N8. I know that there are a lot of N8 fans and users out there, and I am sure that you would love to try these tips. I have a question for N8 owners, what are your thoughts about the Nokia N8 camera? Please tell us !