Nokia Mixed Reality – An Awesome Futuristic Concept


This innovative concept introduced at Nokia World ’09 allows to you to experience immersion and effortless navigation in an Augmented Reality environment. New types of interactions involving near-to-eye displays, gaze direction tracking, 3D audio, 3D video, gesture and touch. Through these new types of social linkages people will be connected in innovative ways between the physical and digital worlds.

With Mixed Reality, we would no longer face the ambiguity of having to choose between either the physical world or the virtual world at a single point of time. We could enjoy a virtual chat or to exchange any file with your friends/family when we are outside. Also, we could catch up with the latest updates/tweets/messages from our friends if we are travelling anywhere and still reply to them.

This might also help in building physical connections as well. If a virtual friend/acquaintance is physically close to us, his picture would pop up and start following him as he moves around.

Since its based upon eye movement, Mixed Reality would also make our presence on the internet a much more intuitive experience. When your eyelids are closed and doesn’t reopen for a period of time, the system detects it and goes either offline or into sleep mode automatically and hence would not disturb you while sleeping. It would later retrieve your offline messages when you are awake again, irrespective of the time period.

What do you think about this new concept? Do you think it will revolutionize the way we live and interact now? Do Pass on your comments.

You can read more about “Mixed Reality” at Nokia Research Website.