Efforts behind Nokia’s Designs.

We all are aware of the fact that Nokia is very serious when it comes to the designing of mobile phones. Nokia has design centers all over the world, where designers from different geographies come together, brainstorm and design phones that get a WOW from Nokia’s customer.

Nokia is well aware of the fact that any electronic gadget, no matter how superior it is w.r.t functionality, has to have a equally beautiful design, if it wants to grab attention of the end customer. Continue reading “Efforts behind Nokia’s Designs.”

Nokia does it again with the Eco Sensor concept!

It has become a crucial modern day requirement to innovate gadgets that help protect our environment, either directly, by using friendly products in their production, or indirectly, by reducing wastage, emissions etc.

The Nokia Research Center supported by Nokia designers have come up with an innovative new concept, the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept.

The Nokia Eco Sensor concept is a mobile phone and a sensing device. With the device you can be connected to your friends, and to your health and environment as well.


The handset will also enable you to share environmental data with other similar handsets. This sharing of information enables you to gain awareness about the global environment. Continue reading “Nokia does it again with the Eco Sensor concept!”

Nokia’s vision: Music, Ovi and concern for the environment

At the Annual Nokia World conference held on 4th December, 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nokia outlined its vision and plans for the mobile industry.

The company claimed to be committed to Internet evolution and environmental sustainability by consistently and steadfastly innovating products towards fulfilment of its vision.
The mobile industry is witnessing a rapid change driven by the convergence of mobility and the internet, and the need for the industry to make an increasing contribution to environmental sustainability.

“Comes With Music”

Listen to world class music and keep it stored in your hard drive.


Nokia unveiled Comes With Music, a radical program that enables people to buy a Nokia handset with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks from a range of great artists – past, present and future. Once the year is complete, customers can keep all their music without having to worry about it disappearing when their subscription is over.

As a music buff you get all you have ever wanted, and you get to keep it in the form of unlimited downloads to your mobile device and PC. The program will be launched with Universal Music Group International, and Nokia is in discussion with other major international music labels.

Ovi – Open the ‘door’ to social networking through your handset


Ovi, ‘door’ in Finnish will enable consumers to easily access their existing social network and content. The Ovi will function as common user interface between all networking websites from mobiles, PC and web environments. The Ovi environment and services will be formally rolled out in 2008. Continue reading “Nokia’s vision: Music, Ovi and concern for the environment”

Environment Friendly Nokia 3110 Evolve

Environment friendly, are you? Then the Nokia 3110 Evolve is the handset you would look forward to.

The handset is touted as environment friendly as it has bio-covers made from more than 50% renewable material. The handset comes with a battery that is high on efficiency and consumes no load or energy even if you forget to plug it off the socket. The handset is packaged in a minimalistic manner and uses 60% recycled material.



• Four hours talk time
• 370 Hours standby
• 64 polyphonic MIDI Continue reading “Environment Friendly Nokia 3110 Evolve”

Nokia plans expansion of Sriperumbudur plant

Nokia, world leader in Mobile phone technology, announced its plan to expand its manufacturing facility located in Sriperumbudur, Chennai for the year 2008.

Nokia plans to invest approximately 75 million USD in the plant to cater to the requirement and growing demand of its handsets across Asia, Middle East and Africa.

nokia_connecting_people.png Continue reading “Nokia plans expansion of Sriperumbudur plant”

Nokia N95 Updated or Upgraded

A new firmware upgrade is available for the Nokia N95

First we’ll have a taste of the Changes in the new firmware :

  • New Welcome application.
  • New camera software and tweaks from the 8GB model – FAR faster shot to shot time, with ‘Processing image message’ during any delays. I suspect the image processing algorithms have changed too, to remove some of the remaining artificial edge enhancement in the v12 firmware.
  • Long press on camera button launches camera if shutter is open.
  • New My Nokia SMS tips and mobile web portal system.
  • Demand paging (for ROM applications) with 30 plus MB free RAM after booting.
  • Search 4.0 integration on standby screen.
  • Old multimedia menu still there, i.e. it’s not the new style.
  • N-Gage game previews (FIFA, Asphalt) and portal/shortcut to upcoming N-Gage client, as in N81 and N95 8GB.
  • Nokia Music Store client, although the store server hasn’t been updated to handle the N95 yet – maybe this’ll happen later today.
  • Keypress bug gone.
  • Music player has a new visualisation and also remembers where you got to in a podcast, so you can pick it up again later on.
  • No auto-screen rotation, looks like I was wrong predicting this, so we need Samir’s RotateMe after all – someone please help him get this signed ASAP!
  • Assorted other minor tweaks, along the same lines as the N95 8GB, with video ringtones and theme animations.

Continue reading “Nokia N95 Updated or Upgraded”

N95 NAM Black and 1900Mhz 3G Power!

Why is Nokia so interested in the American Market? This is yet another US Edition N95. But since it’s based on the N95 Classic and not the newer N95-3 it seems to have been largely ignored. It even uses the same old 950mA battery to go with it! Bummer!! The only major difference seem to be that it has a black back body and is also optimized to work with the North American Network – hence the name.

The N95 NAM’s camera has 5 mega pixels of clarity, featuring a 2.6″ display and Carl Zeiss optics. Shoot in DVD-like quality video up to 30 frames per second. Continue reading “N95 NAM Black and 1900Mhz 3G Power!”

Nokia E61i, N81 and N95 8GB get new firmware

Some good news for Nokia E61i , Nokia N81 and Nokia N95 8GB users . Nokia has released the latest firmwares for thes phone which are available for download via Nokia software update.

I have to try upgrading my Nokia E61i to the latest firmware this weekend.

Heres a screenshot below from Aallaboutsymbian shows the latest firmware for the N95 8gb as v11.0.026


Nokia E61i gets predictive input accoring to e-series

I will try it and post my experience.

WARNING : Upgrading Firmware might break your phone and you will loose all data on the phone

So please upgrade only if you know what you are doing !!

Win a free Nokia N95 N81

Looks like Nokia is promoting its NSeries lineup again in India.

The N95 , N95 8GB and N81 are available in the market and they are the most recent entrants to the NSeries range.

You can win a Nokia  N95 and N81 by signing up at the Nokia’s digital playground

The Contest runs only till the 30th of November , meaning you just have 14 days more to try our luck

So Hurry up !!

Thanks to Rajiv for the tip-off

Nokia N82

Super sleek, super loaded, superb camera phone are a few epithets that would describe the new Nokia N82, released in an extravagant launch at Finland on 14 November, 2007.

Touted as a camera FIRST through its tagline “It’s what cameras have become”, the new Nokia N82 is also a navigation device and multimedia computer.

What it does:

N82 is a camera phone that allows the user to capture images, document them with high quality imaging capabilities and instantly share the images with a ‘one click’ upload to the web.


• Global Positioning System and Wi-Fi internet connectivity
• 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus
• DVD-like quality video capture
• Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon Flash
• 3D Multimedia content driven menu
• 2GB microSD card allows you to store up to 900 high-resolution photos or up to 84 minutes of high quality video
• One-click upload to online communities
• Nokia Music Store
• N-Gage games
• Nokia Maps


At 450 Euros, minus taxes and subsidies (approximately Rs 26,000), the Nokia N82 is available now in key markets.

If you are a photography enthusiast, the Nokia N82 is a mobile phone custom made for YOU!

Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte

nokia_8800_sapphire_arte.jpgIf you think Swarovski gems on mobile phones look ostentatious, Nokia brings you regalia and classiness in the form of the Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte. The handset has a genuine sapphire gem stone in the center of the D-pad.

During the launch of Nokia 8800 Arte and Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte, the Senior Vice President, Mobile Phones, Nokia, Heikki Norta had this to say: “These two new handsets set the benchmark for quality and craftsmanship. The high-end materials and seamless surfaces are pleasing to touch while the sophisticated, minimalistic design is equally satisfying to the eyes. An obsessive attention to detail means that the Nokia 8800 Arte and Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte are engineered to last.”

The handset is a twin of the Nokia 8800 Arte with two exceptions: one, the sapphire, and two, the Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte comes in a brown leather finish, adding a touch of elegant sophistication.

Continue reading “Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte”

Nokia N82 leaked on website

Some guy from mobile-review has posted the Real Pics of the Nokia N82 and we proved to be right when we wrote Nokia N82 Confirmed

The photos below are taken from the Nokia website.

The Nokia N82 looks has the looks  Sony Ericsson – atleast the keypad.

Seems like its inspired by the K810, W880i.




Continue reading “Nokia N82 leaked on website”

Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte and Nokia 8800 Arte just out

Nokia has just announced 2 new 3G handsets The 8800 Sapphire Arte and the Arte which are a part of the new Arte Collection

Key Features

  • Stunning 2.0″ QVGA 240×320 pixels, OLED display with up to 16 million colors
  • 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera with 8x digital zoom
  • 3G capabilities
  • 1 GB built in memory space
  • MicroUSB all-in-one-connector
  • Anti-fingerprint coating on metal and glass


Timeless elegance combined seamlessly with the latest technology.


Premium materials crafted with an exquisite attention to detail create a phone that feels solid and substantial, yet slides open smoothly and effortlessly.


Rare, stylish features like touch sensitive controls and living wallpaper underline a magical sense of exclusivity.