Nokia 5800 Earpiece Problem Fixed

I have been facing a strange problem with my Nokia 5800 while taking calls ..

The volume keeps dropping and suddenly its back to normal..

The Earpiece which seems to be responsible

This chip which is behind the front panel of the phone seems to have a problem .

We warn you that the following was done by trained technicians and if you attempt to do the same .. be prepared to loose your warranty ..

We opened up the front panel in order to find the ear piece chip ..

Be very gentle when handling the panel as it might cause the cable to get cut .. also make sure you keep the phone on a flat surface where there is not much dust ..

here u see the brilliant display ..

here is the socket where the ear piece sits .. gently remove it..

Take it in your hand and slightly create a gap between the points of contact and the chip ..

Be very gentle to avoid damage to the unit ..

Watch this video for instructions from the original author

Message from the author:

first of all you have to know that this could Void your phone Warranty. I don’t know, I couldn’t stand it so I’ve fixed it anyways lol.

note:- the last and most important part is not shown very clearly in the video because my camera’s focus can’t be adjusted so I can shoot the small parts I’m working on , so I’ll try my best explaining it in words (please note that English is not my first language,Arabic is so bear with me here =P). After removing the earpiece as it’s shown on the video , you will need to gently using a pretty thin tweezer or screwdriver to pull up (the two metal parts shown at the last pictures in the Video) pull them just a little bit till’ you see that there is a gap between them and the Earpiece( The Picture I’ve taken is after fixing the earpiece .so That is how the piece should look like after fixing it = ) its important that you do it gently because you might end up breaking it or detaching it from the earpiece which is what happened to me but thank god I managed to attach back to its place. Now you are done all you need to do is to put back the Earpiece back to its place ( the letters and numbers at the buttom of the earpiece should be facing upside down just like the letters and numbers that are printed on where the earpiece will be attached (earpiece slot? I dunno)
Goodluck and if you are having second thaughts you might as well take it to your local Nokia Care Center.
By the way this is my first Tutorial Video lol *that explains it =P

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Author: Varun Krish

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