Windows Phone 8 running Samsung ATIV S Neo announced


American cellular operator, Sprint, announced that it will be carrying a new Windows Phone running smartphone called the Samsung ATIV S Neo. The new handset will sport some rather interesting features including what is being called as ATIV Beam. This Samsung exclusive application will let users ‘beam’ across photos, music and videos to other Windows Phone 8 and select Android devices.  Continue reading “Windows Phone 8 running Samsung ATIV S Neo announced”

UC Web announces partnership with Trend Micro for in-browser mobile web safety assessment

Over at the Global Mobile Internet Conference, UCWeb has announced a new partnership with global internet security expert, Trend Micro. Under the agreement, both companies will work to provide mobile web safety assessments in the browser. The aim is provide a comprehensive safety net for users of the product via cloud based security scans in the browser and also for Android apps downloaded via the UC Web browser.


Trend Micro analyzes as much as 4.46TB of data every day and has identified 350,000 high risk Android applications. This number is further expected to grow by 400% to 1.4 million in 2013.


UC Web with a global userbase in excess of 400 million and with 200 million daily registered clicks aims to provide comprehensive cloud based security for its users through its partnership with Trend Micro. The technology in question is Trend Micro’s Application Reputation Service (MARS) that works with both websites and Android applications. The service has analyzed close to 3 million Android apps to date with about 560,000 of them being flagged as malicious. UC Web has added the feature to version 7.4 of its browser making it the world’s first ‘secure mobile browser’.Considering the browser’s popularity in developing markets, the move is a welcome addition. Available for all major platforms, click through to try out UC Web Browser on your Android phone.

Disclaimer : UC Web sponsored our travel and stay during GMIC

Aviary photo editing tech now coming to Windows Phone

Aviary photo editing tools which powers the likes of imgur , Halftone and Rockmelt is going to be available to Windows Phone developers soon. Aviary lets app and web developers add photo editing functionality for free to their apps.

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Microsoft Canada mentions Nokia Sabre , 2nd Nokia Windows Phone device ?

Over at the Microsoft Canada page under the Windows Phone Mango app challenge , MS seems to have accidentally posted the name and some details of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone devices.

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Nokia N95, Blogging and WordPress

n95_8gb.jpgBlogging today has become a rage. There are many Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc that satisfy your Blogging needs. With the advent of smart phones, mobile Blogging has become popular. Today, Blogging platform like Blogspot and WordPress are very popular among people who want to start their Blogging career. Continue reading “Nokia N95, Blogging and WordPress”