Samsung showing at Mobile Asia 2008 – Soul, Metal series, SGH G800, Serenata, Armani

Samsung showed off a lot of handsets from their platter, from lifestyle phones, to basic and low-end handsets at the Mobile Asia 2008

Samsung Soul

A slim, lightweight, stylish phone with features that adapt to the user depending on the application, the Soul is pure eye candy. With Magic Touch by DaCP, navigation indicators on the keypad change according to the user’s needs.


This 3G handset is equipped with professional photographic functions including a 5MP camera. It features music library navigation and a digital power amplifier.

Measurements of the Samsung Soul are 105.9×49.5×12.9mm. Continue reading “Samsung showing at Mobile Asia 2008 – Soul, Metal series, SGH G800, Serenata, Armani”

Mobile Music is getting really popular Do You agree ?

We are seeing a lot of music capable handsets these days. The Mobile is doubling up as an iPod or MP3 player. Mobile Radio is pretty popular atleast in India. In countries where people travel a lot to work / study , Mobile music is popular. A recent survey by MMetrics focussed on this aspect.

The survey was mainly targetted at US and Europe markets. So we ask you ! Do you use your phone to listen to music or radio ?

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Dolby and SRS entering Mobile Entertainment

Mobile Entertainment like movies and music has become an important part of a person’s life having a mobile phone. Companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson are doing the best to enhance the experience of every individual who has a mobile phone. Nokia does it with N Series and Sony Ericsson with their W Series.

Dolby_Sorround.jpg Anyways, this is not about Nokia and Sony Ericsson, I am sure you know the guys from Dolby Labs and SRS Labs. They are famous for making our movies and music come live in our own living room.

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LG KF700 for the all round web experience

A fully loaded handset with a web browser integrating Google Search, Gmail, Maps and YouTube, the LG KF700 unveiled at the MWC 2008 is an HSDPA phone that also makes video calls possible.

The USP in the words of LGE’s Press Release – “The world’s first phone with three separate input methods, the LG-KF700 itegrates a 3-inch touchscreen, alpha-numeric keypad and Shortcut Dial. Each of these input methods is assigned to the tasks at which it is most efficient, making LG’s highly intuitive interface possible. With its user-optimized navigation, all of the phone’s functions and features are instantly accessible.”


Specs and features include:

• Triband
• 3 MP camera with auto focus
• MP3 player
• MPEG 4 video player
• Bluetooth
• MicroSD expandable memory
• 3 inch 262 K colour touch screen
• 240X480 pixels

The handset will be available in markets around Europe by April 2008

Nokia Launches the N96 and the N78

The Mobile World Congress has started and its raining mobiles there. Sony Ericsson launched the XPERIA, their new G Series and one Walkman Clamshell with beefed up memory to compete with the N81 and N82. Sometime back the pictures of N96 leaked on the Internet and then the N96 specs came out on the Nokia site in Germany.N96_02.jpg Continue reading “Nokia Launches the N96 and the N78”

Sony Ericsson K850 Quicksilver Black


The Sony Ericsson K850, launched in the year 2007, was a hot selling imaging phone form the Sony Ericsson stable. After looking at the popularity of this mobile phone cum digital camera Sony Ericsson might be coming up with K850 Quicksilver Black edition of this phone. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson K850 Quicksilver Black”

Sony Ericsson XPERIA


Sony Ericsson filed patent for protecting the brand name Xperia. Now what’s Xperia? Xperia is Sony Ericsson’s way to define mobile handsets that have a capacity to function in many different ways. Sony Ericsson P5i, which is rumored to be launched in 2008 [Source: Engadget], is reportedly its first Xperia handset. Xperia will encompass high-end smart phones; with top-notch functionalities in imaging, music, gaming and entertainment. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson XPERIA”

Special Edition Nokia N81

We all know that Nokia N81 and N82 are the two; multimedia devices that have kick started Nokia’s Next Episode in Entertainment. Both these amazing phones are really doing well in the global market; they have also stimulated the growth of mobile phone accessories especially compatible with these two multimedia monsters. Continue reading “Special Edition Nokia N81”

Motorola innovations from CES – Moto Z10, Rokr E8 and more

It’s rocking time for all you mobile lovers out there.

Sony Ericsson revealed 3 new models at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2008 in Las Vegas recently. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the new releases here.

Motorola has followed suit and unveiled four handsets at the Show, two brand new handsets, Moto Z10 & Rokr E8 and two enhanced versions of existing models, W230 & W270.

Moto Z10

Nicknamed the “pocket-sized mobile film studio”, the Z10, based on the Symbian operating system will allow users to play and capture high-quality video, marry audio and video, and create storyboards with soundtracks directly on the phone.

If you are a film enthusiast, you can even upload the video/movie on various social networking websites.

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