Sony Ericsson XPERIA


Sony Ericsson filed patent for protecting the brand name Xperia. Now what’s Xperia? Xperia is Sony Ericsson’s way to define mobile handsets that have a capacity to function in many different ways. Sony Ericsson P5i, which is rumored to be launched in 2008 [Source: Engadget], is reportedly its first Xperia handset. Xperia will encompass high-end smart phones; with top-notch functionalities in imaging, music, gaming and entertainment. According to the patent, Xperia phones would “function as a camera; perform instant messaging; access and communicate with e-mail; access and communicate with the Internet; function as a radio, to record, play, transmit, receive, and/or manage music; record, play, transmit, receive, edit, and/or manage video; create, view, transmit, receive, edit, and/or manage photographs; play electronic games; upload photographs and text onto online journals or web logs; function as a personal digital assistant (PDA); function as walkie-talkies; perform satellite navigation; function as a remote control for computers and run multimedia presentations” [Taken from the Patent Filing]

By the way a lot of these functions are already available in Sony Ericsson phones, which are there today in the market. I think with this Xperia thing Sony Ericsson wants to spoil Nokia’s “Next Episode in Entertainment”.

Author: Team FoneArena

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